“Minions: Becoming a Villain”: the highest-grossing cartoon of the year


    The public is crazy about the new cartoon about minions, and critics are a little calmer.

    The fifth animated film in the Minions: Rise of a Villain franchise , released in Ukraine on July 7, with a budget of $ 80 million, has already collected $ 400 million at the worldwide box office. On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience gave the film 91%, critics – 72%, that is, amateurs are delighted, professionals – too, but slightly grumbling. Perhaps because more villainy was expected from the “nasty” young Gru, but here his assistant minions pay for everything – their “involuntary” transgressions look much more exciting than the intrigues of the mischievous owner.

    Focus figured out why the next creation of the American animation studio Illumination fired.

    “Minions: Rise of a Villain”: what the film is about

    In the prequel about “Ugly” Gru, the hero's childhood is shown. Already at the age of 11, he decided on his future destiny – to become a supervillain and was eager to join the legendary local gang, the Evil Six. The main plot is briefly outlined in the first trailer of the cartoon. Ganster Grandfather Knuckles obtained an ancient artifact, but the gang threw out their aged leader. Young, but early Gru claims his place in the famous gang. But when he was refused, he managed to steal the amulet from under the noses of presumptuous criminals. Of course, Gru and Grandfather Brass Knuckles will later become useful to each other.

    The picture shows the moment when Gru's minions appeared. As is known from the third series of the Minions cycle (2015), minions – this pack of yellow lemon-like creatures – was born to serve some kind of supervillain. Who only did not command them from prehistoric times: from a tyrannosaurus rex to Napoleon. Moreover, despite their devotion, their spontaneity often caused great harm to the owners or even their death.

    In the new cartoon, the minions surpass Gru in terms of criminal ingenuity, only in their case – this is the result of not planned actions, but spontaneous ones. We think that the abduction of the plane by the minions will go down in the annals of world cinema. Especially, the moment they control the falling liner to the Strauss waltz. This witty move is slightly reminiscent of a close situation from the Zucker brothers' comedy Airplane 2 (1982). The authors showed this mini-masterpiece in the final trailer of the picture.

    Compared to the owner's dirty tricks – like pouring mustard on the queue – cute minions give a light much more thoroughly. What does not reduce their “childhood”: like the fact that they can easily exchange something valuable for a trinket. Who didn't change as a child? There is also a buzz from the very fact of the exchange!

    “Minions: The Rise of a Villain”. Pluses of the picture

    This is a successful mix of adventure, crime, coming-of-age stories, fantasy and mysticism. Very beautiful and at the same time funny stylization of the 1970s. Specifically, the action takes place in 1976. We can even accurately determine the year of Gru's birth – 1965. Flared trousers, disco, glam rock, colorful hippies – there are all the signs of that time. Gru's mother is passionate about the yoga guru, her remark to her son in the spirit of that era: “Your minions darken my aura.”

    The gang and its equipment, designed by the brilliant Dr. Nefario, is a catchy design and precise metaphor: the treacherous red-violet beauty has a glamorous flying car, the bandit in a vest with a claw has a tractor on crab legs, the beefy blockhead has a tank, and an elderly nun with nunchucks, he drives a car with exhaust pipes in the form of a wind organ. Colorful and stylish!

    Let's note a simple, but intelligible plot.

    “Minions: Becoming a Villain”. Cons

    The idea propagated by the creators in the announcements about the fact that even villains need friendship is not very convincingly embodied. Here, a different thought emerges rather: that every future master should have a guide teacher. The slogan of Grandfather Brass Knuckles sounds victorious: “Take it to the maximum: alive or dead.”

    It is a pity that in the cartoon for young Gru there was no sophisticated intrigue and more virtuoso crime than those shown. But these first steps, awkward in the world of villainy, are completely compensated by the wonderful minions with their antics. Of course, the authors “left” them in this picture both in the literal and figurative sense of the word – on their extreme speed, unpredictability and charm.


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