Minister Fitzgibbon says he does not know where the new dams will be located

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Minister Fitzgibbon says he doesn't know where new dams will be located

Premier François Legault recently assured that he is “seriously considering the construction of new dams” to remedy the lack of electricity.

The Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon

Energy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon has no idea where future dams will be located. Hydro-Quebec.

He thus responded to the Parti Québécois who asked where would be built the future works desired by Prime Minister François Legault.

Hydro-Québec assured Wednesday that it cannot clearly identify which watercourses would be retained.

In his opening speech last week, the head of the caquiste launched that we must seriously consider the construction new dams to increase electricity production from 200 to 300 TWh by 2050.

However, according to PQ MP Pascal Bérubé, the inhabitants of the North Shore have the right to know which river in their territory will be harnessed.

Why would we hide that? asked the MP for Matane-Matapédia at a press briefing at the National Assembly on Wednesday morning. We are able to telegraph in advance that the wind farms are in northern Quebec, but we are not able to identify the river. Why? Perhaps because it is sensitive from the heritage point of view, from the point of view of its ecosystem, from the point of view of relations with the First Nations. Let it be said. I think the minister knows this river.

We haven't discussed that yet, it's still too early, retorted Mr. Fitzgibbon in a press scrum on Wednesday morning .

“Hydro is studying, they have already done it, sure, but I didn't have any study report again. »

— Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy

The Minister of Energy refused to x27;advance on potential rivers, even if the Magpie, on the North Shore, has already been the object of covetousness.

The Magpie is one of the rivers that have a hydroelectric potential, confirmed for his part the spokesperson for the state corporation, Francis Labbé, in an interview with The Canadian Press on Wednesday afternoon.

But social acceptability is part of the project, he added – because organizations are mobilized to protect this majestic waterway.

< p class="e-p">Teams are in the process of refreshing the hydrological potential of the rivers, explained Mr. Labbé, since previous studies must be brought up to date.

Hydro has probably already carried out studies, but it is currently premature to conclude on one side or the other, for his part repeated Mr. Fitzgibbon in a press scrum in parliament on Wednesday morning.

There was no discussion between the ministry and Hydro-Quebec, he continued, while adding that the government asked Hydro to #x27;consider all possibilities.

Only in early 2023 will the government address ways to address the lack of x27;electricity, if there is a lack, concluded the minis tre.

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