Minister Tytti Tuppurainen talks about the Uniper situation in parliament – live broadcast at 11:30


Today, Minister Tytti Tuppurainen tells the parliament's finance committee about ownership control in Uniper's financial difficulties.

Minister Tytti Tuppurainen talks about the Uniper situation in parliament – live broadcast at 11:30

Minister Tytti Tuppurainen negotiated last Thursday in Germany about Uniper's rescue package, but no solution has been reached yet. Elle [email protected] Today at 8:25 a.m.

The Minister of Europe and Ownership Guidance Tytti Tuppurainen (sd) will be heard by the parliament's finance committee today about the Uniper situation. The committee meets at 12 o'clock in the parliament.

The finance committee meets exceptionally after the parliament is already on summer break.

The session will be held behind closed doors. Iltalehti shows a live broadcast from the parliament before the meeting when the minister and the committee members arrive.

In addition to Tuppurainen, the committee will hear from the financial advisor Maija Strandberg from the Government Chancellery.

p class=”paragraph”>In addition to the current situation of energy policy in Finland and the EU, the committee will hear from industry advisor Petteri Kuuva from the Ministry of Labor and Economy, director Pia Oesch from the Supply Assurance Center, CEO Jukka Leskeläfrom Energiateollisuus ry and Senior Vice President, System Operations Tuomas Rauhala from Fingrid Oyj.

Uniper company's situation has been talking in recent weeks. Uniper, the German subsidiary of the Finnish state-owned company Fortum, has run into difficulties due to rising gas procurement costs.

The state's ownership management, the minister of ownership management and the government have been criticized both for making the Uniper deal in the past and for how the crisis has been handled this summer.

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