“Minus 7.5 million”: Ilya Krasilshchik spoke about the arrest of accounts. Earlier, a criminal case was opened against him for discrediting the RF Armed Forces.


    Ilya Krasilshchik

    Media manager Ilya Krasilshchik, against whom a criminal case has been initiated for discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, said that the bailiff service had arrested his accounts in a Russian bank. The Dyer wrote about this on Twitter (blocked in the Russian Federation).

    The accounts were arrested yesterday. Today the manager of Tinkoff-Bank calls and offers to develop an investment strategy for me. Please invest my minus 7.5 million in government bonds,

    — posted by Dyer.

    On Instagram* of his new media project “Support Service”, Dyer also posted screenshots of messages from the bank.

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    Dyer is the former head of Yandex.Lavka and one of the founders of Meduza (included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign media agents). After the start of a military special operation in Ukraine, the Dyer wrote an article for the American edition of The New York Times that “the Russians have failed as a nation.” The material caused a wide public outcry and a negative reaction in Runet.

    In April of this year, a criminal case was opened against Dyer under the article about “fakes about the Russian army” (Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In April, it became known that the Dyer was put on the federal wanted list: his name appeared in the corresponding database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, although it did not specify in connection with which article the search was underway. At that time, the Dyer was not in Russia.

    *Instagram belongs to Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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