Miss Marvel: Brie Larson Praises Marvel's New Heroine


Miss Marvel: Brie Larson Praises New Hero from Marvel

Miss Marvel has arrived on Disney+. Brie Larson, the interpreter of Captain Marvel, is full of praise for actress Iman Villani and her character.

Miss Marvel is the new superheroine arriving on Disney+ . Kamala Khanis a teenager like the others, or almost. When she discovers a bracelet of unknown origin, she becomes able to manipulate energy. Miss Marvel can thus create force fields, projections of her own limbs, etc. She uses the same power source as the super-powered Captain Marvel. Precisely, in the series, the young Kamala Khan is a huge fan of the Avengers and in particular of Carol Denver/Captain Marvel. Many references, which should delight fans, already flesh out the first episodes. In reality, the two actresses already seem to have a mutual admiration for each other.

Miss Marvel was greeted by Brie Larson, l interpreter of Captain Marvel. She wanted to warmly welcome Iman Vellani, who plays the role of Kamala Khan, in the MCU. Brie Larson even shared on Twitter an image of their first interview, done via Zoom. We see the two ultra smiling actresses and visibly already very accomplices. Brie Larson comments: “I knew she would be the best Marvel”. A very warm little phrase for his colleague who will lend her features to Miss Marvel. A closeness that has obviously not escaped the fans, delighted to see the two actresses already so close.

Miss Marvel brings even more diversity to the MCU

Miss Marvel is the MCU's first Muslim heroine. Kamala Khan's character is a Pakistani-American teenager. This should help expand the representativeness within the MCU characters. Miss Marvel is just getting started in the MCU. However, we can expect some interesting cameos in the series. The character's adolescent character and “Avengers fan” can bring about some rather funny situations. Miss Marvel is also expected on the big screen alongside Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Paris) in The Marvels. However, we will have to wait until next year! In the meantime, enjoy the adventures of Miss Marvel on Disney +.