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Missak Manouchian at the Pantheon: the images and speech of Emmanuel Macron, relive the ceremony

The communist resistance fighter and immigrant Missak Manouchian entered the Panthéon this Wednesday, February 21, eighty, to the day, after her execution at Mont Valé ;eacute;nothing.

The essentials

  • The ceremony organized to mark the entry into the Pantheon of Missak Manouchian and his wife Méliné now finished. The two coffins joined those of singer Josphine Baker and writer Maurice Genevoix in vault number 13 of the crypt.
  • Organized by l'Élysée, the pantheonization ceremony of Missak Manouchian paid tribute to the military leader of the Francs-tireurs and partisans – Immigrant workforce (FTP-MOI) of the Internal Resistance French. With entry into the Pantheon of the Resistant, the entire "Manouchian Group" who is honored more than eight decades after the execution of the man and 22 of his comrades by Nazi troops on Mont-Valérien.
  • While the event was expected to have a certain tension, with the presence of the National Rally, decision that the descendants of the "Manouchian group" did not approve of, everything ultimately went well. 

Follow the pantheonization of Missak Manouchian live video


20:09 – End of the ceremony

À At the end of Emmanuel Macron's speech, a minute of silence is marked. The choir of the French armyçaise then performs the Marseillaise. The ceremony is now over. The coffins of Missak and Mélinée Manouchian will join those of singer Jos&phine Baker and writer Maurice Genevoix in vault number 13 of the crypt.

20:07 – "Missak Manouchian, you enter here still drunk on your dreams"

Then addressing à Missak Manouchian, the President of the Republic declares: "Missak Manouchian, you enter here always drunk with your dreams, the Army’ denies deliverance from sorrow, fraternal Europe, the communist ideal, Justice, dignity, humanity. ;quot; And to continue: "French dream, universal dream. Missak Manouchian, you enter here with Mélinée as a poet of happy love", before concluding: "Grateful France welcomes you.&quot ;

20:06 – "The France of 2024 had to honor those who were France 24 times"

"Entering the Panthéon today are 24 faces among those of the FTP-MOI [Francs-tireurs et partisans – Immigrant workforce editor's note.], 24 faces among those of the hundreds of fighters and hostages shot", declares Emmanuel Macron for whom "the France of 2024 must& rsquo;honor those who were France 24 times.

20:01 – Emmanuel Macron's tribute to the r&eacute companions ;sisters of Manouchian

If Missak Manouchian enters the Pantheon today, with him are the 23 other resistance fighters arrested and then shot on February 21 1944 who entered the Pantheon. In his speech, the President of the Republic therefore does not fail to mention them. Quoting the poet Louis Aragon, he pays homage to these "éforeigners", for the majorityé among them, "our brothers nevertheless", "Frenchçais preferably, franç but of hope". 

19:55 – "He who loves to love resolves à kill"

Emmanuel Macron then welcomes Missak Manouchian's commitment to the war. "He who loves to love resolves à kill, like that day in March 1943 whenù he throws a grenade into the ranks of a German detachment."

19:54 – Emmanuel Macron returns tribute à the "free" man who Manouchian was and salutes his commitment against fascism

Retracing the significant moments in the life of Missak Manouchian, a “free” man, Emmanuel Macron notably highlights the resistance's communist commitment and his fight against fascism. "Missak Manouchian embraces the communist ideal, convinced that never in France have we been able to separate Republic and Republic with impunity “evolution”, declares Emmanuel Macron. And to add again: "He dreams of universal emancipation for the wretched of the earth. And this is how Missak Manouchian committed herself against fascism within the Communist International."

19:44 – Emmanuel Macron speaks

Facing the two coffins and in front of an audience of guests, the President of the Republic begins his speech. Emmanuel Macron notably greets " the odyssey of freedom by Missak Manouchian and his resistance companions. "This odyssey, that of Manouche and all his comrades-in-arms, is also ours. Odyssey of freedom and his indelible part in the heart of our nation, launches the head of state who does not fail to underline the fact that Missak Manouchian has chosen to ;nbsp;"to die for our nation, which nevertheless had refusedé to fully embrace it. Nationality The Frenchwoman has in fact twice been to him. refused.

19:38 – The coffins enter the Pantheon

Astrig Siranossian cello resonates as the doors of the Pantheon open to admit the two coffins. She plays "Grounk the Bird of Armenia". Coffins must be placed in the center of the nave. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will then speak.

19:30 – A video o retracing the life of Missak Manouchian projected on the facade of the Pantheon

The childhood of Missak Manouchian, marked by the Armenian genocide, his life as a working poet, the resistance and his arrest, Missak Manouchian's life is summarized in a beautiful video projected on the Pantheon. The coffins are still in place. outside. They will reach the interior of the Panthéon, where The ceremony will continue, just afterwards.

19:24 – The Fire Singer! Chatterton performs "L’Red Poster"

Missak Manouchian at the Pantheon: the images and speech of Emmanuel Macron, relive the ceremony

In front of the Pantheon, the coffins of Missak and Mélinée Manouchian are surrounded by portraits of other resistance fighters shot on February 21 1944 at Mont Valérien. Arthur Teboul, the singer of Feu ! Chatterton, now grabs the microphone to perform  "The Red Poster". This song was released composed by Léo Ferré. It pays homage to the resistance fighters shot at Mont Val´rien. It is through this piece that the Manouchian couple entered the collective memory.

19:19 – The French Army Choir performs at presents "The Song of the Partisans"

The two coffins arrived in front of the Pantheon. On site, the French army choir performs "The Song of the Partisans". Many people came to attend the event. the ceremony despite the rain and the wind blowing over Paris.

19:10 – "The Partisan's Complaint" sung by the popular mastery of the Opéra Comique

After having resumed their path towards the pantheon, with a commentary in the background which returns to the life of the resistance fighter, the coffins of Missak and Mélinée Manouchian mark a new break. The popular mastery of the Opéra Comique, made up of 90 children, performed & ;quot;The Partisan's Complaint. This is the third and final stop for the coffins before the Pantheon.

19 :02 – Place now at reading different extracts from the notebooks of Missak Manouchian

The actors Laurent Natrella, Céline Samie, Serge Bogdassarian, Fran& ccedil;ois Feroleto and Lisa Toromanian read several extracts from the notebooks of Missak Manouchian, who beyond having been é a resistance fighter was also a poet.

18:55 – The coffins on their way to the pantheon

Missak Manouchian at the Pantheon: the images and speech of Emmanuel Macron, relive the ceremony

A tribute paid to the 22 comrades-in-arms of Missak Manouchian, the coffins of the resistance fighter and his wife take place now the Chemin du Panthéon, going up Rue Soufflot. At the same time, 90 children perform "They fell" by singer Charles Aznavour. 

18:47 – Missak Manouchian's farewell letter senté &agrav; his wife, read by Patrick Bruel

These are the last words of Missak Manouchian written on paper just before his execution, eighty years ago, to the day, at Mont Valérien. These words are addressed to his wife. Read by the singer Patrick Bruel, they have a very particular resonance today. 

"Happiness à those who will survive us and taste the sweetness of freedom; and the peace of tomorrow. I am sure that the French people and all the freedom fighters will defend themselves. will know how to honor our memory with dignity. At the moment of death, I proclaim that I have no hatred against the German people or against anyone, everyone will get what they deserve as punishment and as retribution. oacute;compensates. The German people and all other peoples will live in peace and brotherhood. after the war which will not last long. Happiness ! &To all!"

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A moving ceremony at Mont Valérien

"Happiness à those who will survive us and taste the sweetness of Liberty and the Peace of tomorrow. I am sure that the French people and all the freedom fighters will will know how to honor our memory with dignity" wrote Missak Manouchian in the last letter addressed to his wife, Méliné, on the day of his death, February 21, 1944. Eighty years later, the Armenian communist resistance fighter will enter the French Pantheon.

The ceremony takes place this Wednesday, February 21 while Tuesday evening, a vigil was held. organized at Mont Valérien. Several hundred people came for the occasion. Suresnes, in Hauts-de-Seine. Patricia Mirallès, the Secretary of State in charge of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Health ;memoir, chaired the this first tribute to the resistance fighter.

Panthéonisation of Manouchian: the program

The entry of Missak and Mélinée Manouchian into the Panthéon will take place at the end of the year. at nightfall and under the colors of the French flag, on Wednesday February 21. The coffin of the communist resistance fighter, dressed in of the tricolor flag and worn by a regiment "linkedé &agrav; Manouchian", will advance along rue Soufflot à from 6:30 p.m. indicatedé l'Elysée. The path to the Pantheon will be paved. blue, white and red lights and must represent three great moments in the life of Missak Manouchian: her survival of the Armenian genocide of 1915,  his arrival in France in 1924 and his participation in the French Resistance from 1940.

A seven-minute sound and light show will be performed. on the Place du Panthéon before the Manouchian couple entered the enclosure of the monument. Inside, a funeral oration will be delivered by Emmanuel Macron in front of 1,200 guests, including 150 journalists and 600 spectators. ves who have studied the journey of the resistance fighter. Among the guests, several will be of nationality; Armenian. The Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinian, has also been invited and will be present.

During the one and a half hour ceremony, which will be broadcast live on certain TV channels ;vision, the poem by Louis Aragon Strophes to remember, sung by Léo Ferré will be taken up and reinterpreted and reinterpreted by Arthur Teboul, the singer of the group Feu! Chatterton, reports l'Humanité. The text is inspired by a few passages from Missak Manouchian's last letter to his wife Mélin&eac;e. At the end of the tribute, around 8 p.m., the Manouchian couple will return to vault XIII in the crypt of the Pantheon next to the tomb. another resistance fighter, Jos&phine Baker. At the entrance to the vault, a plaque will pay homage to the couple as well as to the 22 other ex-resistance fighters.

The National Rally presents ?

Three days before the pantheonization of Missak Manouchian, Emmanuel Macron leté hear in the columns of theHumanitéthat the presence of the National Rally at the ceremony was not desirable. According to him, "the far-right forces would be inspired not to be present, given the nature of the Manouchian & quot;. A position &agrav; which is joined by the boss of the French Communist Party Fabien Roussel for whom the RN “would be effectively inspired  not come to pay homage à those to whom, in history, his ancestors have contributed &agrav; let them be shot" he indicated. on RTL, in reference to the negationist declarations of Jean-Marie Le Pen, which have been definitively condemned in 2018. The words of the politician comparing the chambers to gas à a "detail of the story" had been é condemned by Marine Le Pen and had led to the exclusion of Jean-Marie Le Pen from the party.

Marine Le Pen confirmedé through her entourage that she will be present at the ceremony "despite the outrageous remarks of the President of the Republic. Information confirmed by the chairman of the committee. for entry into the Pantheon of the resistance fighter, Jean-Pierre Sakoun. This news is "not the greatest of our pleasures" he conceded. &agrav; l'AFP while saying "respect[er] institutions".

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