Missiles hit the Russian city of Belgorod

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  • Two weeks ago two attackers shot volunteers going to the Ukrainian front in the same town

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Missiles hit the Russian city of Belgorod

 “Because of the bombing from Belgorod three people from the same family were injured & rdquor ;, the Russian authorities have communicated this Sunday. Two of these were hospitalized and according to the same official sources, 20 private homes have been damaged. Throughout the day 16 explosions have been recorded. Just a week ago, last Saturday, the projectiles hit an oil depot.

Until this Sunday, the regional capital had not received any ;n impact, while the surrounding area does. he had suffered it on different occasions. The town of 330,000 inhabitants is 40 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and is the only region internationally recognized as part of Russia. that has been attacked. On Friday, shells also fell that disabled an electrical substation and left the region with power outages.

The same day in the newly annexed city of Donetsk –despite the fact that the international community has not recognized it– the projectiles also arrived. there The building hit was that of the local administration. One person outside was killed, four were injured, and the building was damaged. severely damaged. Ukraine has not acknowledged responsibility for these bombings of Russian positions, although Moscow blames kyiv for these attacks. Russia also points out that this last week the use of artillery by Ukraine has increased.

Unrecognized referendums

Moscow was annexed this region of eastern Ukraine after the “referendums” of last September. These votes, not recognized as legitimate by most of the countries in the world, were the justification for the Eurasian country to request for itself a vote. the homonymous region, so such as those in Lugansk, Zaporiya and Kherson .

In the same city last Saturday two foreign citizens opened fire on a volunteer recruitment barracks, killing 11 people and injuring 15 others. The Russian Ministry of Defense assured He stated that the attackers came from a country in the ex-Soviet orbit, although he did not specify. of which Since the beginning of the offensive in Ukraine, the Russian authorities have encouraged foreigners who wish to do so to volunteer. Also announced that those mobilized with dual nationality could lose their Russian citizenship if they refused to go to the front.