Mistress till Lindemann: “a friend couldn’t get enough of”

The mistress of a famous rock musician till Lindemann gave an interview to the press. The girl said that the leader of the group Rammstein “one friend was always a little”.

Любовница Тилля Линдеманна: «Одной подруги ему всегда было мало»

The journalists met with former lover till Lindemann. Anna has an amazing figure, because it is also a fitness coach and also ex-girlfriend of a rock musician, a passionate fan of Rammstein. The girl told the press about the affair with Till Lindemann, which lasted about four years. Anna was the leader of the fan club of Rammstein. Once she personally met with Till Lindemann in the dressing room, and after a few visits, they started Dating. Anna says that the musician is just a great lover, but even more, he loves a good walk. All she knew about the frivolity of such relationships, as the leader of the group Rammstein he said: “a friend I couldn’t get enough!”, so Anna had no illusions, but simply enjoyed the moment.

That all changed during the festival, “Heat”, when till Lindemann saw Svetlana Loboda. Anna immediately noticed how broke out between them spark, so I did not make a scene, but just left aside. The more the girl is already tired of this way of life. It was fun, but since getting used and the fire is extinguished. Anna is sure that till Lindemann with Svetlana Loboda all seriously as a musician have changed since the meeting and began to behave more reserved. It is worth noting that officially, the star will not comment on their relationship, so reliable information on this subject is not. Yet the novel is confirmed by numerous photos which show a real connection Loboda and Lindemann.

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