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Mobile plan. This operator's incredible offer sends the competition to the ground

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For a limited time, Prixtel, a virtual operator which uses the SFR network, is offering the Oxygène package which offers . Its main advantage, apart from the fact that it is inexpensive, is that it offers flexibility that cannot be found anywhere else.

The latter is in fact much more advantageous than traditional packages. It gives you the option of getting an extension cord when you need it, for a small extra charge when you need to use it. Without commitment, the Prixtel Oxygène package can be considered as a 3-in-1 formula.

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By opting for the latter, you will make great savings every month. Rather than choosing a classic package which offers a fixed internet envelope, and which you will pay a fixed price whether you use half or all of it, it is better to opt for that of Prixtel, which, thanks to its ingenious system of tiers allows you to pay the right price for what you actually consume every month. We explain to you below how it works.

How does the Prixtel Oxygène mobile plan work?

The Oxygène package is offered at the base price of 7.99 euros for an amount of internet of up to 20 GB per month. If you need a larger envelope, you have 2 additional levels. The first between 20 GB and 40 GB for 9.99 euros and the second between 40 GB and 60 for 11.99 euros. Here are the tiers in question in detail:

  • Up to 20 GB per month = 7.99 euros
  • Between 20 and 40 GB per month = 9. 99 euros
  • Between 40 and 60 GB per month = 11.99 euros

Also, being a virtual operator, Prixtel does not have any physical store. This means that with him, everything happens from his website or mobile application. From these, you can easily have an overview of the services included in your package, consult your invoices, or even call customer service, which is also known to be reliable and responsive.

This is rather advantageous since you don't have to travel – a computer or a smartphone or tablet will allow you to easily manage your offer directly from them. Finally, it costs 10 euros for the SIM card. This must be paid when you register and you will generally receive it within 48 hours by post.

In parallel with its Oxygène formula, Prixtel also offers other packages which follow the same operation. We therefore have Le petit which comes with an envelope of between 5 GB and 25 GB at 5.99 euros. The Grand which offers 100 to 160 GB from 9.99 euros. And finally, Le Géant, which will allow you to benefit from an internet quantity ranging from 160 GB to 220 GB offered from 14.99 euros.

Changing your mobile plan, how does it work? ?

In recent years, telecom operators have made the procedure for changing plans much simpler. If you want to switch to Prixtel, it's easy and it only takes a few minutes. You also have the option of keeping your current phone number. To do this, you will need your RIO code. The latter is obtained by dialing 3179 from your mobile (free call).

You will need to communicate it to Prixtel so that the latter can transfer your number. At the same time, it will also take care of the termination of your old package. You won't have to do anything since he takes care of everything. If you don't use more than 60 GB of internet per month, .

If, on the other hand, you consume more than 100 GB, it will be better to go with the Grand or Le Géant. Finally, in case you want a plan to mainly make calls, send SMS and MMS and browse the internet from time to time, Le petit will be perfect. As you can see, you are spoiled for choice at Prixtel. You benefit from the quality of the SFR network as if you were there in addition to benefiting from optimal territorial coverage, even in small towns.

Thanks to the flexibility they offer, Prixtel's mobile plans will allow you to pay the fairest price for your monthly internet consumption. Without commitment, you are free to cancel whenever you want, without proof or notice. Don't wait too long if you want to take advantage of it, since the Oxygène package is a limited series.

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