Monarch produces first gold bar at its Beaufor mine


Monarch produces first gold bar at its Beaufor mine

The first gold bar produced by the Beaufor mine since its relaunch.

The relaunch of the Beaufor mine in Val-d'Or reached an important milestone this week with the pouring of a first gold bar at the Beacon mill.

Temporarily closed in 2019, the Beaufor mine is owned by Monarch Mining Corporation. Ore mining operations restarted last December.

“That first ingot is the pinnacle for any mining company that dreams of producing. This is the realization of all the exploration carried out in recent years. »

— Jean-Marc Lacoste, President and CEO of Monarch Mining Corporation

The president of Monarch Mining Corporation, Jean-Marc Lacoste. (Archives)

Nearly 24,000 tonnes of Beaufor ore is now ready for processing at Beacon, a plant that has undergone a facelift of more than 10 million in recent months.

The production of a first gold bar comes four weeks later than planned, a delay that Monarch attributes in particular to factory automation systems and absenteeism due to COVID-19. That said, the company hopes to reach commercial production at Beacon within a few weeks, processing 750 tonnes of ore per day.

This plant is satellite-based for all our projects, says Mr. Lacoste. It is located just 7 km from Beaufor and our other advanced exploration projects are located around it. It is hoped that ore from MacKenzie Break, Swanson and Croinor may end up at this plant at some point.

In operation since the 1930s, the Beaufor Mine has generated over 1.1 million ounces of gold during its lifetime. In 2019, the company put the mine in maintenance mode, leaving buried resources there for 6 to 12 months of operation.

The Beaufor mine, in the Val-Senneville sector, in Val-d'Or.

Beaufor currently has measured resources of 59,000 ounces of gold, but the results of drilling and 3D re-evaluation of the deposit could extend its life.

We have many discoveries that allow us to look forward with a good expectation of production for a few years , adds President Lacoste.

Corporation Monarch employs 221 people in Beaufor and Beacon. Although several mines are in operation or recruiting in the Val-d'Or region, Jean-Marc Lacoste believes that the company is doing quite well.

We always have had recruitment challenges, but the fact that the Beaufor mine is close to Val-d'Or remains an advantage compared to other projects. People like that they can go home at night. We are under pressure in terms of recruitment, but in general, we have a lot of our people for our operations, assures Mr. Lacoste.


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