Moncton Shooting 'Disappointing' Decision Says NB Attorney General

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Moncton shootings: “disappointing” decision according to NB Attorney General.

Justin Bourque, had been sentenced to 75 years of prison for three murders in 2014 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Attorney General Hugh Flemming says it is disappointing and regrettable that the parole ineligibility period of the man who murdered three police officers in Moncton in 2014 has been reduced.

The New Brunswick Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday that it was within its jurisdiction to reduce Justin Bourque's parole ineligibility period from 75 to 25 years, following x27;a Supreme Court of Canada ruling last year.

The ruling by the nation's highest court struck down a 2011 law that allowed judges to extend parole ineligibility periods beyond 25 years for those convicted of multiple murders.

Hugh Flemming, Minister of Justice and Public Safety in New Brunswick.

According to Hugh Flemming, this decision practically guarantees that families will have to experience the anguish of participating in the process of parole hearings for Bourque, who was sentenced to life in prison.

The Minister of Justice and Public Safety also said in a statement Friday that the court's decision allows people who committed the most heinous crimes to return to freedom more quickly.

This kind of situation is not in the best interests of the society. The decision, however, followed the proper process and must be respected, he continued.

Mr. Flemming concludes by stating that the Attorney General will be able to participate in the parole hearing and that the public should expect him to oppose Bourque's release at all times.

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