Money luck. Three signs of the zodiac that will have incredible luck in July 2022

Money luck. Three signs of the zodiac who will have incredible luck in July 2022

The second month of summer will open the way of opportunities for some of the favorites of fate.

Astrologers say that July is the period when most representatives of the signs of the zodiac will have to turn to material matters. Active Mars will enter the zodiac sign Taurus, which symbolizes active actions on the topic of finance, income, household chores. Therefore, you will have to make efforts and work out these issues. However, some representatives of the zodiac signs are promised better conditions for the implementation of their money plans.


According to the famous astrologer Angela Pearl, the most important topic for Gemini in July will be finances. In this matter, representatives of the zodiac sign will be very lucky.

Until the Full Moon on July 13, Gemini will have a strong New Moon energy that took place in the second house of money. All topics related to finance, income, your values ​​remain relevant. This is a good period for buying and selling. Perhaps during this period of time you will have a new job, projects, clients.

The full moon on July 13 will be in your 8th house of finance. And on July 19, Venus will enter your house of money. The planet symbolizes profit, income, so we can say that the whole month you will be lucky in money matters.

On July 6, Mars enters your 12th house of the horoscope – this is the house of liberation and putting things in order. You can go somewhere abroad, we are talking about a short emigration for two months. Perhaps people will leave your environment. You will also be able to work online.

July 20, Mercury enters your third house of communication. There will be new acquaintances, friends, perhaps travel. We are also talking about new technology – maybe buy yourself a car, a laptop, an iPhone.


On July 6, Mars enters your 10th house. This is the house of career, achievements, work. Since Mars is an active planet, great advances in your career or business await you. You will make efforts and achieve results, you will be active, change something in your usual life. If you work for a company, you will need to defend your positions, as this is the house of reputation – and here you will emerge victorious, and if you are involved in a lawsuit, you will win, because you know that you are right.

In July, you can abruptly change your place of residence, maybe a business trip abroad.

On July 6, Mercury enters your 12th house. Get a letter from some old friend you haven't seen in a while. Someone from the past will return, some secret will be revealed. Maybe you will go to a sanatorium, to a clinic, to some secluded place.

July 13, the Full Moon will occur in your 6th house of the horoscope – this is the house of everyday life. Something will become clear in your daily affairs. This is a great time to get rid of bad habits.

Venus – the planet of love and money – will enter your 12th house on July 19th. You are waiting for a romantic relationship at a distance or maybe you will have some kind of secret romance. It can also be love from the past. Or finance from afar – remote work, clients abroad, a job offer on an island, a cruise ship.

In late July – early August, Mars will connect with Uranus – this is the planet of surprises. Know that any crisis or change is a time of opportunity that you should definitely take advantage of.


New Moon June 29 is in Cancer. Therefore, those representatives of this zodiac sign, who were born in early July, expect growth in all areas for the next 12 months.

The topic of relationships will be important, a new person may come into your life, someone will make a date for you. If you are married, there will be a discussion of your plans. You will understand what you want to do, what you want to start.

On July 6, Mars changes sign and enters your 11th house of friends. Perhaps you will organize something – a trip, a vacation. Maybe join a group, learn something, start working online. You will make a lot of efforts to realize your plans.

July 6, Mercury will enter the sign of Cancer. You will call someone, write, receive a parcel or documents that you were waiting for. Perhaps take the initiative to negotiate, sign something, conclude a contract.

July 13 Full Moon in the 7th house of the horoscope – the house of love, cooperation, romantic relationships. Much will become clear, the secret will become clear, you will receive an answer, perhaps a marriage proposal.

July 19, Venus enters the sign of Cancer. This is the planet of beauty, pleasure, joy. There will be purchases for the soul, receive a gift, be generous. A good time to go to a beauty salon.

At the end of July and the first week of August, Mars will connect in the 11th house with Uranus – the planet of unexpected surprises, as well as with the karmic node Rahu – it strengthens everything. During this period, an unexpected acquaintance can happen that will turn your life upside down. Plans and dreams can also change dramatically.

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