Monika and Andrzej from “Sanatorium of Love” decided to take a bold step. Internet users are delighted


Andrzej and Monika's account of the fourth edition of “Sanatorium of Love” is developing.

 Monika and Andrzej from

As the” Pomponik “portal reminds, Monika Zajączkowska and Andrzej Sikorski met on the set of the fourth season of the “Sanatorium of Love” program. Many viewers have not lived that their relationship has a chance to survive. However, they were not discouraged by the opinions of others and managed to form a relationship.

They were brought together by the “Sanatorium of Love”

Monika Zajączkowska and Andrzej Sikorski took part in the fourth edition of the “Sanatorium of Love” program. There were many voices that would not revive the couple in a particularly long future. Many Internet users were of the opinion that they did not fit together at all, because “Andrzej is not sophisticated enough for Monika”.

< p>It turns out that such sorcery of some fans of the program did not work this time and the story of Monika and Andrzej survived after the end of work on the set. There are many indications that their relationship is entering a new phase, because the couple decided to spend their holidays together.

Monika and Andrzej decided to join Lidzbark (Warmia and Mazury voivodeship). They chose to travel in a much larger group, because Jadwiga, Janina, Krystyna and Andrzej joined them on the spot, and their viewers had the opportunity to see in the third edition of the TVP love show.

One photo from the trip details ; it did not attract the attention of Internet users. We see Monika and Andrzej holding hands. Andrzej melted over his chosen one, writing “with a charming woman. Monika exudes wonderful energy”.

The post was swarming with comments from internet users which was delighted that the couple are together. “A wonderful couple of you”, “You're cool” – wrote the fans of “Sanatorium of Love”.

And what do you think about the relationship between Andrzej and Monika? Did you support them?


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