Monika Zajączkowska revealed the truth about her relationship with Andrzej Sikorski. Do the fans of “Sanatorium of love” have reasons to be satisfied

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What does Monika Zajączkowska have in common with Andrzej Sikorski?

 Monika Zajączkowska revealed the truth about her relationship with Andrzej Sikorski. Do fans of

< p>As the “Super Express” website reminds us, Monik Zjączkowska and Andrzej Sikorski met on the set of the 4th edition of the “Sanatorium of Love”. They both quite quickly won the sympathy of fans in the format that follow their fate also after the end of the TVP love show. Many hope that the two will be linked by something more than just friendship. Monika referred to her relationship with Andrzej in an interview with “Apka”. Not everyone will like her answer.

Fans are still following their fortunes

Although some time has passed since the end of the 4th edition of “Sanatorium of Love”, fans are still eager to follow the participant's fate. It's no secret that Marek and Natalia's love is blooming. The couple decided to get engaged. There are many indications that the relationship between Mariola and Piotr Hubert goes in the right direction.

A lot of emotions are also aroused by what Monika Zajączkowska and Andrzej Sikorski have in common. Between these two, already during the filming of “Sanatorium of Love”, fans of the program noticed that the couple clearly felt towards each other. After the shooting of the TVP love show was finished, the two could be seen together. The fans have wondered what exactly they have in common.

Monika Zajączkowska about her relationship with Andrzej Sikorski

Monika Zajączkowska in an interview with the website “Apka” revealed the nature of the relationship between her and Andrzej. Turn out that there is no question of any romantic relationship in their case.

“I am not his girlfriend, but we really like each other and understand each other very much” – said Monika Zajączkowska, adding that Andrzej only has friendship.

By the way, she revealed her ideal man. It turns out that Monika Zajączkowska attaches great importance to her partner being slim and taking care of his health. It is important for her that he shows not only an empathetic approach to people, but also to animals. He must also be sincere, intelligent and disinterested.

Are you disappointed that Monika and Andrzej have nothing else in common?

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