Monkey pox epidemic: first death confirmed in Europe


An outbreak of monkeypox: a first confirmed death in Europe

Brazil also reported a death earlier on Friday, the first recorded outside Africa.

A first death linked to the outbreak monkeypox was confirmed Friday in Spain, the Spanish Ministry of Health announced, making it the first death in Europe linked to the disease.

Brazil also reported a death linked to the monkeypox outbreak earlier Friday, the first recorded outside of Africa.

The case is a 41-year-old man who also suffered from lymphoma, according to Brazilian authorities, who said comorbidities aggravated his case.

The Spanish government did not provide details about the victim.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only five deaths linked to monkeypox have been reported worldwide so far, all of them on the African continent, where the disease was first detected. times in humans in 1970.

The monkeypox resulted in a total of seven deaths, two of which are related to the current outbreak.

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As of July 29, the Public Health Agency of Canada has identified 803 cases of monkeypox across the country, including 359 in Quebec and 367 in Ontario.< /p>

The other affected provinces are Yukon (1 case), British Columbia (61 cases), Alberta (13 cases) and Saskatchewan (2 cases).

Last Saturday, the head of the WHO decided to trigger the highest level of alert in an attempt to stem the outbreak of monkeypox, despite the lack of consensus among his committee of experts .

The Public Health Emergency of International Concern qualification is used by the organization in serious, sudden, unusual or unexpected situations. This is only the seventh time WHO has used this level of alert.

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