Monkey pox: Ontario has plateaued since July

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Smallpox simian: Ontario has plateaued since July

Ontario has 656 confirmed cases of monkeypox so far.

Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore says monkeypox activity in the province peaked in July and is currently plateauing. .

Dr. Moore says Ontario peaked in total active cases during the week of July 15, when about 16 to 18 cases a day were being identified through PCR testing. However, we now only register about one case a day, he says.

The head of Ontario's public health said that the most of these new cases are related to travel, particularly to the United States, rather than infections in Ontario itself.

He recalls that Ontario has vaccinated 32,175 people against monkeypox.

Dr. Moore is now waiting for the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) to release its recommendations on whether and how to start a second-dose vaccine strategy.

Monkey pox: Dr. Moore hopes vaccine strategy is working

As of Tuesday, Ontario had identified 656 confirmed cases of monkeypox, an increase of 25 cases from the previous week. Neighboring Quebec had recorded 515 cases as of Tuesday.

Dr. Moore was pleased with the remarkable progress noted in Ontario, which he said is experiencing an absolute plateau.< /p>

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