Monkey pox: this miracle cure that could change the situation

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Many cases of monkeypox have been reported in Europe and around the world, but a cure seems effective against the virus.

After the coronavirus pandemic, another virus worries the whole world. In recent weeks, the first cases of monkeypox have developed. While this form is less dangerous than its cousin, smallpox, it is nonetheless painful. Symptoms of monkeypox are easily recognizable. Along with a high fever, pustules and scabs appear on the body. More than 900 cases have been reported since mid-May in 19 European Union member states, as well as Norway and Iceland, according to the European Commission.

But this terrible virus could be just a distant memory. A cure seems to show its effectiveness against monkeypox. The latter is none other than the smallpox vaccine.It was marketed under the name Imvanex in Europe, where it has been authorized since 2013. If until now few doses were available, this should soon change. The Danish laboratory Bavarian Nordic and the European Commission have concluded a new contract on Tuesday 14 June. 109,090 doses, to be exact, of vaccines have been ordered for member countries of the European Union as well as for Iceland and Norway.

An effective vaccine against monkeypox

These new doses will be available from the end of June for priority patients. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be vaccinated beforehand, as soon as a person has been exposed to the virus or has come into contact with a patient. Getting vaccinated would thus prevent developing a serious form. Although monkeypox is not fatal, this disease is of concern since it has developed in non-endemic countries. It remains to be seen whether this new vaccine will be accepted by the European population.

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