Monster Hunter 2: Paul WS Anderson already writes the sequel after Milla Jovovich

Monster Hunter 2: Paul WS Anderson already writes the sequel after Milla Jovovich


Director Paul WS Anderson seems very confident in Monster Hunter given that he's already thinking about a second installment after Milla Jovovich.

If it is quite difficult to take the Resident Evil saga of films seriously (as adaptations or not), a lot of spectators prefer to retain the completely uninhibited series B side, which surfs the Z and does not forbid itself anything , if not all common sense or good taste, thus becoming a kind of barely guilty pleasure that is frankly a good laugh.

A nanardesque formula that we can expect to find with Monster Hunter , the next adaptation of Capcom's video games by Paul WS Anderson, of course with Milla Jovovich , his wife and favorite actress, on the poster. The director had said last October that his previous post-apocalyptic saga had served as a lesson in game fidelity, even if the adaptation will introduce Captain Natalie Artemis, invented from scratch to stall Jovovich in the cast, completed by Tony Jaa, TI and Ron Perlman.

There is really a way to have a good laugh

We can also expect a new mash-up of the license spread over several components when we know that only a few monsters will appear on the screen (including a Rathalos much larger than in the games), as the director explained during from a recent interview with Total Film:

“There are hundreds of monsters [editor's note: in games]. I can only use five or six in the movie. So it's a big, fun world that I think we're just starting to scratch the surface of. . “

The filmmaker therefore does not intend to condense the universe of games to a single film, as clearly confirmed by Milla Jovovich, who has surely not finished slowing it down against critters in CGI:

“We would really love to do another one. I hope people will like it because I know Paul would like to make a sequel. I mean, he's already writing something.”

Milla Jovovich and her big gun

And when we see that Resident Evil was able to spread over six opus, we know that it is clearly not impossible, even downright plausible, that Monster Hunter is indeed thought of as the start of a fantastic action franchise. which should delight fans and detractors of Paul WS Anderson. But to make a real judgment, you have to wait until April 28, 2021 in France, while the film has moved its release date forward in the United States to December 30 , although a delay is foreseeable given the evolution of the health crisis, which still threatens Wonder Woman 1984 .

In the meantime, the first trailer is still available on this side. There is also talk of the so-called curse hanging over video game adaptations on the record right there.

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