Montreal-based studio Behavior Interactif makes its debut in Europe

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The Montreal studio Behavior Interactif makes its debut in Europe

Behavior Interactif's head office is located in the Mile-End district of Montreal.

Interactive Behavior, featuring the hit multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, continues its momentum of big announcements for its 30th anniversary on Thursday with the acquisition of the British independent developer SockMonkey, its first foray into European soil.

The company had already announced in 2022 the opening of a second office, in Toronto, then the acquisition of a third in Seattle, in the United States, with the acquisition of the Midwinter Entertainment studio.

SockMonkey Studios, which will be renamed Behavior UK – North, becomes the 4th studio for Behavior Interactive, which now employs over 1,200 full-time staff in Canada, the US and now the UK.

Overseas, 45 people will work on the development of Behavior Interactive games, but who will also have the mandate to co-develop titles for other big names in entertainment, such as Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner and 2K. Remember that before creating its own titles, Behavior Interactif mainly helped other companies to make games.

SockMonkey is founded on strong core values ​​of innovation and collaboration [which] mirror our own and [make it a natural partner for our ambitious growth strategy, says Rémi Racine, CEO and General Producer of Behavior Interactif.

This is news to which Bob Makin, CEO of this British studio which he co-founded in 2013, is delighted. He hopes to make Teesside, the region in the north of England where the studio is established, a home for game development.

“Behavior is rapidly becoming a global player in the gaming industry, and we are proud to represent the first step in its European expansion. »

— Bob Makin

The company has worked on more than 20 video games for PC and Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation consoles over the past 10 years.

In “Meet Your Maker”, players can create worlds or destroy other people's worlds.

Interactive Behavior has the wind in its sails, with a large pool of some 50 million players worldwide for its flagship game Dead by Daylight. The studio is set to release its next big video game, Meet Your Maker, on April 4.

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