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Morbius: Jared Leto's vampire is a hit on VOD after its box office flop

Marvel and Sony's Morbius film did make a mockery of itself in theaters, but Jared Leto's vampire is getting a boost on VOD.

Between its unpopular anti-hero, its many release delays due to the pandemic, the obsolete special effects of its trailer or even the methods of Jared Leto's particular work, Morbius had everything of a cursed project even before its release, which only confirmed the bitter failure.

After an unpromising start, negative word-of-mouth – notably due to the misleading promotional campaign around Michael Keaton's Vulture – partly got the better of the film's career, which only grossed 163 million at the worldwide box office for a non-marketing budget of $75 million.

The third feature film of the Spider-Verse was therefore a disaster for Sony and a shame for Marvel. Beyond the indifference or disinterest of the public, the film directed by Daniel Espinosa has become the laughingstock of the Internet, inspiring in particular many memes on social networks. An unflattering spotlight that did not, however, prevent Sony from re-releasing the film in more than 1,000 North American theaters in an attempt to take advantage of this mocking resurgence of interest.

Obviously, the return to theaters of Morbiusended in another failure with only $300,000 raised over the weekend and a quick deprogramming.

Sony's despair in one scene

Two weeks later,the film has however found a second wind on video on demand. According to Fandango – via the VUDU service -, Morbius did indeed top the VOD charts last weekend (without advanced numbers though). The vampire has even passed Uncharted, The Bad Guys, The Batman and Everything Everywhere All at Once, occasionally passing the film The best performer in the VOD rankings from June 13 to 19.

On the other hand, this less disastrous second career should not be enough to sweep away the film's failure in rooms, which most certainly killed the sequel teased in the post-credits scene. It remains to be seen if this oven will carry over to the rest of the universe yet to expand with Kraven the Hunter on January 18, 2023 and Madame Web on July 5, 2023 .

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