“More bad news”: sociologists have found out how Westerners feel about concessions to Vladimir Putin

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The survey showed that the majority of Westerners support Ukraine and are not ready to make concessions to Russia.

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After almost eight months of Vladimir Putin's war with Ukraine, citizens of major Western countries do not support concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin, even if it ends the war. The Guardian writes about this.

The publication writes that the YouGov-Cambridge project, which assessed public opinion in the 25 largest countries of the world, also found strong support in maintaining, and often tightening and expanding military and economic measures against Moscow.

Joel Rogers de Vaal, academic director of YouGov, said that was the international consensus.

“If Putin is counting on weakening Western resolve, this study suggests even more bad news for his besieged military campaign,” he said.

Journalists write that a survey conducted from August 24 to September 22 showed that out of 13 Western or English-speaking countries – France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Australia and Canada – 10 supported the maintenance of economic sanctions against Russia. Support for sanctions ranged from 57% or 58% in France and Germany to 60%, 62% and 65% in Canada, the US and Poland, and to over 70% in the UK, Sweden and Denmark.

The publication writes that many Western voters were willing to pay a price for this: about half or more – 66% in Denmark, 63% in the UK – supported sanctions, even if it led to an increase in their spending.

During the survey, respondents were asked whether they would support various concessions to Moscow – the end of sanctions, Russia's sovereignty over the occupied territories of Ukraine.

“What is striking is how low the level of support for Russia's concessions is generally,” he said. Rogers de Waal.

In addition to the West – the study also covered Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – many other countries were noticeably more pro-Russian configured.

We also recall that the West is making plans in case Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The West believes that such a scenario is unlikely. However, if this does happen, politicians do not want citizens of their countries to flee the cities in a panic.