More beautiful life: a new corpse discovered, Nathan hides the truth… What awaits you this week

More beautiful life: a new corpse discovered, Nathan hides the truth… What awaits you this week

< strong>Abdel and Elisa continue to clash over the shenanigans of the BTC company. In high school, students get the right to organize their end-of-year party. Find out what awaits you in Plus belle la vie from Monday June 13 to Friday June 17.

Summary of episodes 4556 to 4560 of Plus belle la vie. In Judge Revel's office, Abdel clashes with Elisa. According to him, BTC is hiding something under this freshly poured slab. His adversary attempts a stroke of pressure by ensuring that the note will be salty if the excavations on the site yield nothing. Tim jumps for joy when he learns that a corpse has been discovered under this famous slab. Elisa assures Abdel that she didn’t know anything about it and talks her client out on the phone. The young lawyer discovers that in reality the boss of BTC is none other than Vincent Marceau, Elisa’s father. For her part, Barbara is no longer 100% in her work at the Marci since she met Tim. Thomas has the unpleasant surprise of seeing his colleague’s lover naked one morning in the kitchens of his restaurant.

Blanche and < strong>Nathan reveal their plan to the students: they want to convince Rochatto organize an evening in honor of the 70th anniversary of the death of Vincent Scotto. The principal accepts but nevertheless refuses to release funds for the organization of this end-of-year ball. Sunalee notices that Dimitri has a problem. The teenager tells him that the date of the evening reminds him of the suicide of his sister, Natacha. He has the impression that a secret hides behind this death. Sunalee then discovers that Natacha dated Scotto in the late 2000s and that she was in the same class as Nathan. The English teacher claims not to know her…

Better life (spoilers): Betty cracks and goes back to sleep with Killian!

Back at her mother's house after being fired from Léa and Boher, Betty is at its worst. The teenager hangs out on Killian's Instagram profile and even tries to contact him again. Determined to forget her, the young man nevertheless agrees to see her one last time. They then make love in the creeks.

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