More funding and visibility requested by mental health organizations | Elections Quebec 2022

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More funding and visibility requested by mental health organizations | Élections Quebec 2022

Community mental health organizations are asking provincial candidates to take a stand to increase their funding and visibility (archives).

The issue of mental health is a concern that has not escaped political party leaders since the start of the provincial election campaign. Mental health support organizations reveal their expectations regarding the improvement of services and the enhancement of their funding.

While the pandemic has exacerbated the population's need for mental health support services, some frontline organizations believe that their prevention work deserves to be better known first.

“We have expertise. We are on the ground. We are with people. We follow them on a daily basis. The reflex is often to send people to the emergency room or to crisis areas. That's good, but we're here too. »

— Kyliane Guay, Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Worker for Santé Mentale Québec Bas-Saint-Laurent

Mental health affects everyone. Often, we think that you have to have a problem or a diagnosis to be able to have access to these tools, to need to remember positive things, but in fact it concerns everyone, underlines the Mental health promotion and prevention worker for Santé Mentale Québec Bas-Saint-Laurent, Kyliane Guay.

Kyliane Guay, mental health promotion and prevention worker for the organization Santé Mentale Québec Bas-Saint-Laurent, believes that the services offered by the various organizations should be better known.

The 170 community organizations in the region want to be better referenced by Quebec, but above all, better funded.

It's time to fill out grant applications, to do self-financing and that time, unfortunately, is not put into intervention, is not put into activities. with people, illustrates the coordinator of the Regional Table of Community Organizations of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Émilie St-Pierre.

“At -Laurent, it's about 20 million [dollars] that we miss each year to successfully carry out our missions. »

— Émilie St-Pierre, coordinator of the Regional Table of Community Organizations of Bas-Saint-Laurent

According to these organizations, investing more in order for them to carry out their mission would improve mental health prevention.

They believe that one should take care of one's mental health, as one takes care of one's physical health, or as one would practice a physical activity, for example.

Coordinator of the Regional Table of Community Organizations of the Lower -Saint-Laurent, Émilie St-Pierre, believes that organizations are wasting too much time tying up their funding.

These organizations believe that increasing their funding would, among other things, save money in the end.

We are in a kind of perfect storm where if not is not very important, we do not take care of you, but during this time, people live things. And, they are expensive because, if we get out our calculator, there is nothing more expensive than waiting for a problem to escalate, says the director of the organization of street work En Tout C.A.S., Luc Jobin.

“Investing a dollar in psychotherapy would save two in terms of more intensive intervention. »

— Luc Jobin, director of the organization En Tout C.A.S.

The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates that the cost of mental health care in 2021.

Based on a report by Perrine Bullant

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