More news about the record indexation in 2023. How much higher will the retirement benefits

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New information on the amount of the retirement benefit in 2023 was circulated in the media.

More news about the record indexation in 2023. How much higher retirement benefits will be

Benefits paid from the Social Insurance Institution, pensions and pensions, as well as all reusable and one-off benefits are one of the main factors during government inflation other topics covered in the media and in households.

A new form of valorization and a guaranteed minimum amount of increase?

It is no secret that any increase in salaries in the face of the commonly discussed inflation cannot change much in the area of ​​prosperity and well-being of Polish women and Poles ;in. This is due to the fact that due to the printing of money, it has lost its value, so non-valorisation benefits are also worth less than was originally promised.

According to information from Interia, the indexation of pension benefits is to amount to as much as 13.8% in 2023, which is called a record in the public space. The lowest pension, therefore, would be in 2023, according to the bill on which the government is currently working, PLN 1588.

As it turns out, this is information from Stanisław Szwed, Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy, who announced that the valorization, which would include a guaranteed minimum increase.

The proposed solution ensures that the real amount of social insurance benefits is maintained with additional support for beneficiaries with the lowest benefits. The currently forecast indexation rate is 113.8%. At the same time, it is proposed that the guaranteed amount of the raise should be PLN 250 – we read in the draft.

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