More people in pharmacies to get rapid tests | Coronavirus


More people in pharmacies to get rapid tests | Coronavirus

In recent weeks, more people than before have been getting boxes of rapid COVID-19 screening tests from pharmacies.

The demand for rapid COVID-19 screening tests in pharmacies has been increasing for several weeks. Pharmacists ensure that stocks are sufficient.

It's just July 10 and we see that there is a good amount of tests that have been distributed, says Cyrilla Langlais, pharmacist in Quebec in the Vieux-Limoilou district.

However, this high attendance is not comparable to that observed at the beginning of the year and it is easier to leave with a box in hand.

In January there were problems with running-in. It was brand new, she recalls.

If in January it was difficult to get a box of quick tests in pharmacies in Quebec, this is no longer the case.

The pharmacist is convinced of this, this enthusiasm is linked to the recent surge in cases of contamination which is becoming widespread and which confirms the start of a new wave in the province.

For what is stock of rapid tests available, don't worry. The Quebec Association of Proprietary Pharmacists ensures that they are sufficient and that there is no risk of shortage to fear.

In their most recent assessment, health authorities report five new deaths and more than 1,500 hospitalizations attributable to the coronavirus. A thousand new cases of infection have been identified.

This data is however not representative of the real situation, since access to screening centers is now reserved for priority customers.

According to information from Louis-Philippe Arsenault


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