More than 200 people walk for the fight against climate change in Alma

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More than 200 people walk for the fight against climate change in Alma

Young people did not hesitate to prepare posters for the march for climate justice.

Climate marches took place around the world on Friday. In Alma, more than 200 people marched in the streets around Alma College in the name of climate justice on the sidelines of a political debate.

Participants demanded changes and concrete actions to combat climate change. The activity was organized by the Student Association with the collaboration of the teachers' union.

Yesterday (Thursday) evening, we decided to make signs because it's time to change things. I think in our society, it's a very important issue and there are a lot of students who have eco-anxiety. That's it, it's time to change, launched Camille Landry, student in human sciences.

We look at things and say “god we'll never get there. But we have to stay optimistic about the future. You have to, otherwise there's no point in continuing,” added Nathan Lapointe, also present at the march.

Several people had met in Alma for a march on the fight against climate change.

The Alma College Teachers' Union asked the establishment's management to suspend classes for two hours, which was accepted to allow the holding of two activities.

The environment is the start of everything. If we don't have a beautiful environment, we don't have health, we don't have the economy, we won't have youth so it's that is the starting point. If there is not that, there will be nothing, said President Mélissandre Morissette.

A group of students from St. Joseph's Primary School also joined the protesters along the way, shouting several slogans related to saving the planet.

This The march was preceded by a debate that brought together four candidates for the elections in Lac-Saint-Jean, namely Éric Girard (Coalition avenir Québec), Elsa Moulin (Québec solidaire), William Fradette (Parti québécois) and Martin Lavoie (Climat Québec) .

Candidates from the Parti Québécois, William Fradette, from Climat Québec, Martin Lavoie, from the Coalition avenir Québec, Eric Girard, and from Québec solidaire, Elsa Moulin, debated at Collège d'Alma.

The solidarity candidate, the PQ candidate and that of Climat Québec also took part in the march after discussing their different visions for the region.

After several debates over the past few days in Saguenay, it was therefore the turn of the candidates in this riding to do battle.

The representatives of the four parties were invited to express their views on various issues, in particular the extension of the Alma-La Baie highway. Éric Girard and William Fradette said they were in favor of the project, which made the outgoing MP react since he believes that his opponent is struggling on the issue.

William Fradette recalled that he was not against the project. His priority, however, is to secure the entire regional road network and if the construction of a four-lane divided road is necessary, he will give his approval to the project.

Candidate Elsa Moulin, for its part, spoke out against adding a section to Lac-Saint-Jean. She nevertheless specified that Québec solidaire will not stop the extension work in the La Baie sector, which should start in the coming weeks.

With information from Mireille Chayer and Roby St-Gelais

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