More than 2000 embryos found in the garage of an American doctor

Более 2000 эмбрионов нашли в гараже американского доктора

In the home of an American doctor in the County of will, Illinois discovered more than 2000 of the remains of embryos. About it reports CNN TV channel.

It is noted that some of the remains found in the garage, and some in the car, which belonged to Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. While police found no evidence that he did the abortion at home. According to investigators, the remains are preserved after operations conducted between 2000 and 2003.

“Today, we bury 2411 unborn children (…). They deserve more than a cold dark garage or the trunk of a car” — said the Prosecutor General of Indiana Curtis hill.

CNN writes that Ulrich died on 3 September 2019. When the family doctor began to go through his belongings, they found embryos in sealed plastic bags. They were handed over to the district attorney of Indiana. Before you bury the remains, the police conducted an investigation, which lasted for a year.

It is noted that Klopfer owned three abortion clinics. Among the items discovered doctor had found medical records, from which it follows that he did not observe the laws of the state relating to the burial of embryos. Klopfer lost his license in 2015.

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