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More than 5 euros per kilometer, the price of this highway has skyrocketed again

The price of this portion of the motorway saw a sharp increase on February 1, almost twice as high as in the previous year. the average increase observed in France.

Like every year, February 1 is not a date particularly awaited by motorists. And for good reason, the entry into the second month of the year coincides with the application of the new motorway rates. All concessions, including Vinci, Eiffage and SANEF, primarily responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of motorways, can review their concessions on an ongoing basis. increasing their contracts with the state every 12 months. These companies are not depriving themselves of this, and in 2024 toll prices will once again increase. Less strong than in 2023 (4.75%), the increase, partly correlated with inflation, flirts with 3% in average this year, with increases between 2.7 and 3.2% for most sections of motorway.

However, there are a few exceptions, on very specific sections of motorway. Crossing the famous Duplex of the A86, this tunnel which connects Rueil-Malmaison & Vélizy on only 10 kilometresè will cost, for example, 4.77  more this year, reaching…9 euros . Çsaving time is expensive even if it can reach several tens of minutes on this particularly busy route. by the Ile-de-France residents. But the highway encircling Paris is not the one that houses the section that has increased the most; in 2024. To find it, you have to go down to the south, to the Occitanie region. More precisely in the department of Aveyron, which is home to the magnificent Millau Viaduct.

This bridge à stays, inaugurated&eac; almost 20 years ago, in December 2004, supports the A75 motorway and allows you to cross the Tarn valley for almost two kilometres. ;egrave;three and a half. As with most large French bridges (Ile de Ré, Noirmoutier, Tancarville, Ile d'Olé Normandy), take the Viaduct of Millau has a cost. A cost which jumped on February 1 since the short suspended crossing went from 10.10 euros to 10.10 euros. 10.90 euros. Çthis may not seem like much, but we're talking about driving only 2 460 metres  and that represents an increase of 5.83 %  ! It's & almost double the average increase observed in France this year. The price of crossing the Viaduct even reaches 13.30 euros over the summer period (from June 15 to September 15), compared to 12. 50 euros in 2023, for an increase this time of 5.56%. That's more than 5 euros per kilometer!

The Millau Viaduct, the construction of which took three years, spans the Tarn valley and connects the regions of Clermont-Ferrand and B├ęziers, avoiding motorists having to cross the town of Millau. With a measured climax &agrav; 343 meters, its elegant and innovative design has become a major tourist attraction, offering spectacular views of the Tarn valley and surrounding landscapes.

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