More than a million people have deserted Twitter, according to estimates

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More than a million people have deserted Twitter, according to estimates

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

In just a few days, the social networking platform Twitter, acquired by billionaire Elon Musk on October 27, lost more than a million users, according to the most recent estimates.

The company Bot Sentinel, which analyzes the activity of more than 3.1 million accounts on a daily basis, estimates that around 877,000 accounts were deactivated and another 497,000 suspended between October 27 and November 1. That's more than double the platform's typical numbers.

“We've seen an increase in people deactivating their accounts and Twitter suspending accounts,” said Christopher Bouzy , founder of Bot Sentinel.

Analyzing the behavior of their sample of 3 million accounts, Bot Sentinel observed a 208% increase in account deletion rate since the company started technology was acquired by Musk.

“We believe that the rise in deactivations is due to the fact that people unhappy with Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter decided to deactivate their account in protest,” said Ms. Bouzy at the MIT Technology Review.

Mr. Bouzy also explains the situation by an upsurge in hate speech on Twitter. According to him, the increase in the number of account suspensions is partly due to Internet users who are testing the limits of “freedom of expression” on the site now that it is under the control of Elon Musk.

A separate analysis by the Network Contagion Research Institute, a research group, shows that the use of the N-word on Twitter increased by almost 500% in 12 hours since Musk announced the deal had been completed.

For Savvas Zannettou, assistant professor at Delft University of Technology and core member of the iDRAMA Lab, a research group that analyzes marginal online communities, this is the first chapter of a mass exodus for the platform founded in 2006.

Other sites like Mastodon, a social network launched in 2016, could take advantage of Twitter's misfortunes to grow their number of followers .

Remember that bad news has been piling up for Twitter since the takeover of the South African billionaire. Musk began a wave of layoffs globally and more than 50% of employees were shown the door.

Musk announced his colors after closing the $44 billion deal. US dollars (60 billion Canadian dollars). The CEO of the company Tesla had dissolved the board of directors of Twitter in addition to dismissing the general manager and several other important executives.

With information from MIT Technology Review

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