More than a year after his knee injury, Ricky Rubio returns to the courts

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More than a year after his knee injury, Ricky Rubio returns to the courts

Ricky Rubio is already on his way. ready to compete again He is more than a year after his crusader injury and is expected to play his first minutes this Thursday in the visit of his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers strong>, to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Rubio has been training for more than a month now in five-on-five after tearing his cruciate ligament. left knee on December 28, 2021, same as 2012, and received This Wednesday the final go-ahead to reappear in Portland, anticipates the chain 'ESPN', although he already has a medical discharge since last December 5, time in which he has been gradually integrating into the dynamics of the US team

The 32-year-old Spanish point guard had increased the intensity of his workouts and recognized that he was in trouble. on December 31, in conversation with EFE at the United Center in Chicago, that his return was already very “close”. In these last few hours, Rubio has posted on his social networks the emoticon of an hourglass, to suggest that his comeback was about to come back.

will come out of a tunnel into which the man entered. It was more than a year ago when, late in the fourth period of a game between the Cavaliers and the New Orleans Pelicans, he suffered a twisted left knee that caused him to lose weight. rupture of his cruciate ligament. The exams confirmed the worst feelings and Rubio saw his season end at that moment, when he had been playing possibly the best basketball of his career for months . He had scored 27 points in the game against the Pelicans and the previous month had wowed New York's Madison Square Garden with a 37-point, ten-assist double-double against the Knicks.

In this long recovery process, RickyHe recognized that it has not been an easy year, dealing with all kinds of emotions and feelings such as frustration at being off the pitch. “I haven't been my best version. I consider myself a person who doesn't have a bad mood, but this year I've had it a lot. And the people who have been very close to me have had to suffer it,” I admitted. a in a recent interview with Gonzalo Vázquez and Andres Monje in El Reverso.

Despite the injury, Ricky signed the contract. This past summer, he signed a three-season contract for 18.3 million dollars, in a demonstration of the player's harmony with Cleveland, and also of the franchise's commitment for the player's impact both in the locker room and on the court.

The Cavaliers, one of the most competitive teams this year in the NBA, led by Donovan Mitchell, will visit the Blazers this Thursday and will then play at the Minnesota Timberwolves field, on the 14th, and at home against the Pelicans.