Mother left son in the hospital, learned that he was rich came to demand money. He was no slouch

Мать бросила сына в роддоме, узнав что он стал богатым пришла требовать деньги. Он оказался не промах

Good day dear reader my channel and today I want to tell you about a very interesting person, whose fate was not very easy since birth.

One girl after graduation went to study at the Institute and there met the love of your life (So it seemed at the time). She immediately began to imagine how she will bear him children. how will they live, etc., but the trouble is, as often happens things did not go according to her plan.

The girl got pregnant in the second year and with good news ran to the child’s father, but he said it was not his child and in General he doesn’t want her to know. The girl in tears ran home and cried for a very long time. Then decided to keep the baby, suddenly her hubby would change his mind.

She stopped going to school, walked and had fun and found a new boyfriend, and when the child was born she wrote a refusal from him in the hospital and continued to live on.

Well, the child was adopted by another family and called his Maxim. Maxim since the childhood was brought up properly and has grown a very decent man. It is about such people speak “And wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

Now, Maxim was a good man, a very good student and when he grew up, opened your business. A few years later he became a very good living, have a family and children. But then that’s what happened.

Came to his home by his biological mother and said that she should pay money and buy an apartment, as she is his mother. If he does not, she will sue and a court will do this from him.

He threw her out of the house and made in the court that she had no right to approach him and his family for 3 km.

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