Mother made a terrible discovery. Incredible what was in her 10-year-old's Halloween candy

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The child got a candy with a needle.

 The mother made a terrible discovery. It was unbelievable what was in her 10-year-old child's Halloween candy

According to the portal “O2”, Halloween is also more and more often celebrated in our country. Unfortunately, the 10-year-old resident of Opole and his parents will certainly not remember this year's fun with a smile on their face. The boy found a needle in one of the candies he got. It's scary to think what the ending this story could have.

Terrifying discovery in candy

Mrs. Magdalena from Opole made a terrifying discovery. In one of the candies her son received from a neighbor on Halloween, a needle was inserted. The woman immediately decided to describe the whole situation on the Internet in order to warn other parents of the danger.

“Girls, if your kids were picking up candies yesterday, check them out first. M & oacute; j son just took the needle out of his mouth! What a degenerate doing something like that!” – wrote a woman in the group “Moms from Opole”.

Fortunately, the boy realized quite quickly that there was something in the candy that should not be in it. If a child swallowed a needle, it could end tragically for him. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known where the needle in the Halloween sweets came from.

 Mother made a terrible discovery. Unbelievable what was in her 10-year-old's Halloween candy

Report the matter

In an interview with the portal “NTO”, asp. Agnieszka Nierychła from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Opole stated that the incident should be reported. The policewoman has no doubts that giving a child a candy with a needle is a crime – it is a deliberate threat to his health or life.

The policewoman appealed to Mrs. Magdalena to report the matter to the police.

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 Mother made a terrible discovery. Unbelievable what was in her 10-year-old's Halloween candy

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