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Motorola: its smartphones are clearly regaining popularity in Europe

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A Canalys study reveals some surprises around the dynamics of the European market, in particular the surprising resilience of Motorola in 2023. The smartphone manufacturer, third in terms of sales in the United States with around 3.50% of the market, has long struggled to break through in Europe. However, according to the study, the situation is indeed turning to its advantage.

The manufacturer, which has been moving upmarket for several years, seems to be scoring points in the premium segment with particularly innovative smartphones. However, the old continent is increasingly demanding ultra-premium smartphones with a selling price above 800 dollars (the currency used in the study). In the space of two years, the segment's weight in sales increased from 33% to 40% in the 4th and most lucrative quarter of the year, according to Canalys.

Motorola makes a spectacular rise in market share

Market shares which are mainly taken, according to the study, from the entry and mid-range segments. It must be said that the European market is dominated by Apple, number 1 in sales, followed by Samsung. The study notes that the surge in the ultra premium segment observed in the 4th quarter of 2023 is essentially due to sales of the iPhone 15 Pro/Max – which would have sold more than 12.4 million units. This stimulates consumers' appetite for premium offerings from other brands.

In the most high-end segment, Apple commands nearly 80% of the market, far ahead of sales of premium Samsung smartphones (16% of the segment) such as the Galaxy S24, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5. Overall, iPhones in Europe enjoyed 33% of sales in the 4th quarter of 2023, compared to 28% for Samsung, 16% for Xiaomi. and 5 % for Motorola which delights, with 2 million units sold and 5 % market share, 4th place for Honor.

If Canalys is to be believed, it is above all the Razr 40 and the Razr 40 Ultra that are allowing the brand to rise in sales. These smartphones with very premium technical characteristics represent an interesting alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as well as the Honor Magic V2, to name only the latter. Over the whole of 2023, we are talking about 6.4 million Motorola smartphones out of a total of 129.8 million units sold on the continent.

  • In a smartphone market increasingly oriented, in Europe, towards Premium models, an American brand seems to be breaking through in sales.
  • Motorola, 3rd in the United States , consolidated itself in 2023 in 4th place, just ahead of Honor.
  • The brand seduces with very high-end offerings, such as the Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra.
  • The result of a shift from more entry-level ranges to increasingly innovative and premium offerings.

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