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Keep your internet box away from these devices present in all homes, they slow down your Wi-Fi

“Move your internet box away from these devices present in all homes, they slow down your Wi-Fi”

You have the impression that the quality Is your internet connection unstable? Certain objects in your home may be responsible. A tech expert discusses the potential obstacles to this; move away.

In the age of hyper connectivity and teleworking, a good internet connection has become essential. This is why it is often recommended. to have an internet package that covers your speed needs. However, even with a high-speed internet package, various everyday objects can disrupt the quality of the internet connection. of the Wi-Fi signal, thus impacting our productivity. and our online leisure activities.

While rumors surrounding devices that emit waves are often numerous (and sometimes exaggerated), there are indeed a few objects that have a real impact on your Wi-Fi signal. . These devices are even so common for some that there is a good chance that you have one in your home and that it is harmful to your home. quality of your internet connection! Alex Tofts, tech expert at Broadband Genie, warns about these common objects that can harm your internet connection. your internet connection. Among the multitude of objects concerned, Alex Tofts alerts on five of them in particular.

  • Baby monitors: the waves emitted by baby monitors can interfere with the environment. reer with the Wi-Fi signal. It is therefore recommended to use the Wi-Fi signal. not to place these devices outside the home. proximity of the router or connected devices.
  • Walkie-talkies: walkie-talkies, often used for long-distance communication. short distance, can also affect the quality of the video. It is best to keep them away from network devices.
  • Wireless headsets: wireless headsets, although convenient, can disrupt the Wi-Fi signal. Avoid using them near the router or opt for wired models when you are close to your box .
  • Electric garlands (especially wireless): certain electric garlands, particularly wireless ones, emit electromagnetic waves interfering with the frequency of the Wi-Fi. Keep them away from areas where you want a stable internet connection.
  • Microwaves: Microwaves, omnipresent in kitchens, operate on the same frequency as many Wi-Fi routers. When used, they can muffle the signal between the router and connected devices.

As a reminder, many microwaves but also certain Christmas garlands that will soon decorate our homes emit electromagnetic waves capable of disrupting a Wi-Fi signal. It operates on the same frequency used by a wide variety of devices. These devices all operate on the 2.4GHz frequency band used by most broadband routers. This means that when they are turned on, they can sometimes choke the Wi-Fi signal between your router and online devices, says the expert.

Alex Tofts adds that your neighbors' internet connection can also impact yours, particularly if you have the same service provider or your two routers are close to each other. the other in the case of adjoining houses or apartments.

Fortunately, solutions exist.Avoid placing your box next to it. proximity of these appliances, particularly in the kitchen where Microwaves are often used. For a more stable connection, make sure that electronic objects such as microwaves are not between your box and your connected devices, to let the Wi-Fi signal flow freely.

Alex Tofts also discusses the more modern “double-band” box models, which offer the possibility of to connect to 5 GHz and thus offer users the choice between more channels. You must therefore contact your supplier to request a more recent box if yours has already been used. a few years on the clock. But be careful: this type of box “has a shorter range and cannot penetrate thick walls in the same way as 2.4 GHz.” You will then need to equip yourself with a Wi-Fi repeater to extend the signal range and guarantee a stable connection throughout the house.

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