Movie Elvis. The king of rock and roll was destroyed by the adoration of the masses and a fraudulent producer


    The movie

    Elvis Presley did not become a rock rebel, because the producer skillfully melted the power of his talent into gold. Focusshares his impressions of the premiere film about the fate of the planet's most successful solo singer.

    Famous Hollywood director Baz Luhrmann (“Romeo + Juliet”, “Moulin Rouge!”, “The Great Gatsby”) made a powerful film about the complex relationship between Elvis Presley and his producer Colonel Parker. The producer saw in the singer a brilliant artist who can make the best-selling show in the world. Together they achieved this, but Parker deprived his ward of freedom, putting him in a golden cage of a luxurious lifestyle and on onerous contracts. All together, this killed the greatest artist at 42.

    What is Baz Luhrmann's film “Elvis” about

    Baz Luhrmann knows how to create an intriguing atmosphere and beautifully present the characters that have become legends. And it doesn’t matter here, these are literary heroes, like Gatsby or Romeo, or a real artist who became a cult during his lifetime. Baz Luhrmann skillfully uses myths, making them as understandable as possible for everyone and bringing them closer to the viewer.

    For example, in the film, the first serious performance of Elvis (Austin Butler) is arranged as a kind of magical ritual. At first, young Elvis listened to Negro gospel and blues in Protestant churches. Presley noticed that shamanic black music fit very well into the mainstream of the freshly invented services of the Protestant churches in America. He saw that the special mood created there – a mixture of prayers and music – rather quickly helps black parishioners fall into a trance. He memorized these techniques and their effect on the masses.

    And here is a newcomer – on stage, a white guy performs black music. And immediately – the strongest, trance reaction of the female part of the hall, including the sexual rhythmic movements of the singer. As for the music, Luhrmann masterfully inserted the fatal squeals of an electric guitar into Elvis' performance in this scene. Such an instrument could not have been in 1955 – so she “howled” in the late 1960s. But the director wants in principle to show the magical possibilities of rock, the way a certain new electric force almost mystically affects young listeners and especially listeners – literally blows their minds.

    Elvis movie. King of Rock n-roll was destroyed by the adoration of the masses and the fraudulent producer

    From behind the scenes, the young talent is watched by the attentive eyes of producer Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), who was neither a colonel, nor Tom, nor Parker. The impresario was of Dutch origin – his real name was Andreas Cornelis van Keijk. In 1955 he was 44 years old, he illegally crossed the US border in the 1920s. I took an “American” first and last name. In 1946 he was promoted to colonel – in the southern United States this is an honorary title, not a rank. Document problems haunted Tom Parker all his life, so he did not allow Elvis Presley to tour somewhere outside the United States.

    Parker exactly fit the US formula: an enterprising immigrant – a profitable business – enrichment, that is, the American dream . He followed her faithfully. And at the time of the meeting with Elvis, he was a successful producer of two middle-class country singers.

    It is Parker who comments on the entire 2.5-hour film. About how he started as a snowman in a fair circus show, where he thoroughly mastered the art of “freezing money from the public.” Ironically, one of his wards before Presley was a singer named Snow (English “snow”).

    It was then that Parker realized that the public wants to see a bright farce show in order to get some kind of forbidden pleasure. When he saw Elvis, he decided: this guy is the coolest temptation that can be to be in the center of such a show. We must not miss the chance. “You can play the fool 10 times, but the main thing is to act the wisely 11th time,” Colonel Parker liked to repeat. That is exactly what he did, immediately signing a long-term contract with Elvis Presley.

    Elvis movie. The king of rock and roll was destroyed by the adoration of the masses and a fraudulent producer

    < p>And he began to protect him, like a goose that lays golden eggs. Elvis, in love with black music and singing it (blues and gospel with notes of country music), opposed the segregation law, which infringes on the rights of blacks, and thundered into prison. The wise Parker quickly decided that it was time for a star to join the army – it's better than staying behind bars. Elvis went from a budding rock rebel to a law-abiding soldier and citizen. And always, when there were political assassinations – Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy, Tom Parker advised the star to stay away from politics and closer to money. And Tom was a master at making deals. Including in relation to his contract with the singer, where Parker's share rose from 25% to 50%.

    What was the secret of the relationship between Parker and Presley?

    On the one hand, it looked like a deal between Mephistopheles and Faust, but on the other hand, Parker somewhere replaced Elvis's father – a real dad who once received a two-year-old a term on charges of forging checks has always been rather a negative example for him.

    In general, Elvis preferred to remain a child for a long time, who is now patronized by Big Daddy. Elvis is only creativity, Parker is their common ticket to respectability, to which both gravitated. But gradually Elvis completely lost control of his life. spending. spree. He paid for this with 30 concerts a month: doping – to sing, and sleeping pills – to sleep. Health was on the decline.

    One production team wanted to “reboot” the king of rock and roll in 1969 – dressed in leather, etc., but Parker lured Presley with an expensive contract with a hotel in Las Vegas. Vegas. Carte blanche: Presley can choose “all the best” for his concerts. And he got it.

    Elvis movie. The king of rock and roll was destroyed by the adoration of the masses and a fraudulent producer

    At the same time, Elvis began to invent his unusual concert costumes: a mixture of a uniform with royal outfits. However, he soon found himself wearing a gold collar: “Hound Dog” (the famous early hit Hound Dog), which he was, was on a leash. The artistic and impressive riot that Elvis will arrange for Parker in the film is one of the best scenes in the film. And what will come of it?

    And no matter how fat Elvis, who lost his physical form by the age of forty (he ate sweets like a child, in addition to “chemistry”), when he sings the final piece at his last concert, it is difficult hold back the tears.

    We hear an angel in his voice, but the devil had his hands on the singer's throat.

    For Tom Hanks, Colonel Parker is simply an outstanding negative role : finally he got a not too attractive character. Thanks to the virtuoso acting, we thoroughly understand the motives of the colonel. Including his remark about his ward: “Your love killed him.” Yes, Elvis' romance with the public did not weaken, he gave his all to the audience.

    After the picture, it is clear that behind any colorful show there is always someone's gray shadow. Parker outlived his artist by 20 years, living to 87. The colonel earned a lot from the death of the king of rock and roll, but he also gained notoriety – there's nothing to be done about it.


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