Movies that are worth seeing, even if they will not receive “Oscar”

Фильмы, которые стоит посмотреть, даже если они не получат "Оскар"

In the night of Monday, February 10 will be announced the winners of the 92nd awards ceremony of the American film Academy “Oscar”. Among the favorites this year “1917” Sam Mendes and “Parasites” Pont Chung Ho, and the main intrigue – what is the Academy in the main category Korean social tragi-Comedy war drama Sam Mendes. However, in other categories curious: it is likely that this will be the year of the second Oscars for Renee Zellweger, a year when the Academy finally will celebrate the talent of Joaquin Phoenix, and for the second year in a row, when non-American cinema can become a real winner ceremony.

About twelve key films-nominees and their award prospects in the traditional preposterously review.

Sergey Ksaveriv:

Almost every year in the acting categories, a feat or Meryl Streep. This year the slot is busy Renee Zellweger in not-quite-biopic about Judy garland, a famous actress and singer, which every American knows how the very Dorothy from “the Wizard of Oz”. The film centers on the episode of her life, the penultimate in the life of a tour of Judy’s swinging London, 1968.

Zellweger plays garland with all the dedication of Jennifer Connelly at the end of “Requiem for a dream”. This is a woman on the verge of its vitality, the restraining effect of barbiturates tranquilizers, and Vice versa, not quite understanding where she is. This endless circle was launched back in the 30’s when MGM Studio was sold to the childhood of Judy on the set and did everything to the Golden child to bring money without any interruption.

If such films it is impossible to completely get rid of the feeling that the history of the Hollywood of today is not so much a lesson as material for exploitation. Zellweger really brilliant job with the role, if her goal was to instill great compassion even in the best moments of her character, but, in fairness, the film does not give its character to become three-dimensional. And that the Academy noted in compromise “Judy” exactly these Islands, there is a gloomy irony.

Prospects: The “Judy” – a nomination for makeup and the main female role. In the latter category, the film is a clear favorite, and it means that Renee Zellweger has all the chances to get a second career “Oscar.”

“Sensation” (Bombshell)

The story of the fall of Roger Ailsa, head of Fox News, accused in 2016 in sexual harrassment. The film, based on real events, told from the standpoint of three women in the hierarchy of channel stages of different heights. Each of them experienced as on TV “make a career” when it happens in the office Ailsa.

Film on fashion “Game for a fall” of Adam McKay: quick mounting and actively misleading the viewer despite the fact that occasionally characters speak directly to him, looking into the camera. The movie that we hire ought to be localized as “BMA” (and called “Sensation”), – political movie about the cynicism and ruthlessness of the relationships between corporations and people. He is not cynical, but knows only too well that justice exists only if it has the viewership and good ratings.

When trying to find your face “Sensation” still looks topical report, well focused team of energetic consultants, which is on top of the icing on the cake, someone unknown put a brilliant scene in the Elevator. With time she, and, perhaps, brilliant in its simplicity poster for the film, remain in the memory as its definite success.

Prospects: the first Of three nominations the film by Jay roach can count is that “Oscar” for makeup.

“The Joker”

History brought to handle little man in a big city always had the chance to appear at the Oscars. But if you call the city of Gotham, and all the consequences of a failure of this person to weave the mythology of Batmania, we get quite another thing. It is called “the Joker”.

The beauty of “the Joker” in the film love and hate as if for one and the same. It is a cultural film with references to centralize and a series of films Marty Scorsese, but you can always call Director Todd Phillips bloodsucker and the exploiter sitting on someone else’s legacy. Billion global fees, which the film seems to blatantly vyvalilis feet up on the Desk of academics – it is an occasion to rejoice over the success of a good film, and grumbling that the audience was paying for the unhealthy hype around it. For some Joker caught some sick nerve to the other, but rather, touch the viewer, giving at least the dream of the anarchist fantasy, in which you can do anything you want, under the guise of justice.

The only thing that is hard to deny, turning a “Joker” any side, it is his importance in the history of kinokamera, and the value of kinokontrol in global popular culture. Over the past 15 years to ensure that these funny entertainment pictures start to be visual and even semantic alphabet of the concepts of the modern world. They are on the fingers, as once Shakespeare at the Globe, exploring the contemporary incarnation of the meanings of words “power”, “justice”, “equality”, “responsibility”, etc. When this is done in the style understandable and acceptable for the Academy connected with very respected tradition and armed with Joaquin Phoenix as ignoring it?

Joker: Glossy Manifesto

Prospects: Recordman on the number of nominations (11), “Joker” will make from the ceremony hardly more than three statuettes. Today the faithful look only nomination for the music and the main male role. The latter can be considered a great success, as Joaquin Phoenix will get an “Oscar” in a year with really strong competition.


Two lance corporal in the British army in 1917, has to overcome nearly ten miles of no man’s land and deliver the order to Colonel Mackenzie to stop its attack on German troops. Another way to get a message there. Attack, if held, will drown in the blood of a thousand British soldiers, who will go on a pre-planned German trap.

The aptly-named New Yorker critic Richard Brody as “Saving private Ryan” opposite”, “1917” conceived and implemented as one seemingly continuous shot and looks like an outstanding achievement. Film Mendes seems often not movie, stage show, delivered with the grandeur of Opera and the plastic sophistication of the theatre. “1917” is often called the anti-war film, but this seems an exaggeration. Of course, it is a humanistic and not a jingoistic movie. The war there is appalling, but don’t forget to be spectacular and is the main engine of the film. Film Mendes is “the Lord of the rings” about the first World, which has its hobbits with the Mission and the orcs. Trilogy Peter Jackson never glorificabit the war and never shows her as a pleasant pastime, but nobody would never think to call it anti-war film.

Outlook: very bright. The film has an excellent chance to become the main winner of Oscars, including the award for the top film, direction and cinematography. Will be symbolic if the film will receive an award for visual effects. 90 years ago the world’s first “Oscar” for the effects got another movie about the first World – “Wings”.

“Once in Hollywood”

Attempts to find themselves in a rapidly changing film industry of the late 60’s in the published edition of star action movie from Rick Dalton and his faithful understudy cliff booth. Optional in almost every scene, this picture, nevertheless, gradually approaching one of the darkest days in the history of Hollywood – a night on 10 August 1969 and events in the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, Los Angeles, who filmed the couple Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.

Among the modern Directors only Tarantino can be collected in world hire nearly 400 million dollars per film, which requires knowledge of the context and specific history, which will happen at the above address, and then to do what he does in the final. “Once in Hollywood” – elephant dose of endorphins for everyone who loves cinema in all its diversity, but from the failure of escapism allows him to stay at the Quentin, but just a spectator. Just the knowledge of what happens in this house on the night of August 10 turns honey cinephilia that Tarantino pours from the barrel, in the bitterness of their losses. In the mythology Tarantino mixed up all the numbers. He declares that he will stop making after the tenth movie, although filmed more, but how much else would come of the movies from this phenomenon of world cinema, will always be tempted to call “Once in Hollywood” his last film – if not on the account, as a matter of fact.

Prospects: In that year Tarantino can stay even without your typical consolation “Oscar” for the script, because it can easily bypass the PON Joon-Ho with “Parasites”. “Once in Hollywood” – is still in the race and for the main “Oscar”, but if he gets home or the directing award, it will be seen as a surprise. While the reward seems to be guaranteed only for brad pitt.

“Little women”

The fifth feature-length adaptation of Board books for each American girl the nineteenth and a large part of the next century, “Little women” tells about four sisters-teenagers Murch and describe the lives of their families and their personal trajectory for several years during the 60-ies of the XIX century.

The film Gerwig is hardly a rethink and, especially, the revision of the book of Louisa may Alcott, renowned for being outlined the main implementation models of women in the Patriarchal society of the United States at that time. He almost never includes the modern discourse, which really would look in the context of the 160-year-old wild and inappropriate. Rather, it is a structural rethinking of the two parts of the novel, Gerwig squeezed into a single film narration. This is a movie in which the concept of flashbacks and flashforwards does not make sense. The narrative jumps in time are equal and all work on the emotional aggravation, the sweep of meaning and the clarification of what is happening. In fact, Gerwig took smart and accurate emotional porn, which is very correctly manipulates the viewer, and ends, and has a perfect a porn wedding.

However, “Little women” 2019 adapted to modern times. And it’s not only about the peculiar twist of the film, resembling the writing of “Little women” in the novel. Already to normal after the “Lediberd” Saoirse Ronan and Timothy Salame here added to the cast, which almost does not even look that plays of people from the mid-nineteenth century, except for Laura Dern. “Little women” – a very interesting film in the context of the Greta Gerwig. Because it showed that he can adapt and work well with other people’s material, but remains in copyright bubble “movie Greta Gerwig”. Now I wonder if she will come out of it and what happens.

Prospects: the Costumes, adapted screenplay and music – the positions of these three categories of the eight look more strong. However, the author of the music for the film by Alexander Desplat from this list, perhaps, should be deleted. Five nominations and two Academy awards over the past five years seems more than fair to give it to someone else to stand on stage and to thank loved ones for inspiration.

Daria Badger:
“Marriage history”

Intermediate magnum opus Noah Baumbach – anatomy of a divorce of a couple, inspired by his own breakup with Jennifer Jason Leigh.

He is gaining popularity and critical acclaim theater Director (Adam Driver), she is the actress playing it in the main roles (Scarlett Johannson). The classic situation in which there is one snag: the woman in such a pair, usually perceived as a creative iidefence (say, her husband all the glory provided, so be grateful), while it is often a real and unacknowledged co-author of her husband’s success.

Actually, this was the starting point for parting: invisible heroines Johannson, which she reports in a more straightforward, but it’s great played and filmed the monologue. Baumbach, of course, pulls the blanket over his on-screen alter-ego, and the character of the Driver, we learn much more than his wife, but in General, it is quite convincing and merciless portrait of a divorce between people who loved each other, but can’t be together. Bloodthirsty lawyers fanned everyone ex-partners in the opposing party to the intergalactic scale, are included.

If before Baumbach was compared to woody Allen, now I remember the whispers and Bergman – whether in favor of the first, or the mockery’s sake. Whatever it was, it seems, She jumped with a cute ernicheski stories about nervous intellectuals on larger canvases.

Prospects: The “Marital history” six nominations for “Oscar”, and one figurine is almost in the pocket. Laura Dern, who played one of the lawyers and issued a textbook on screen dialogue about women’s fate, nominated for the role of the second plan and has already received her prize actors Guild, and that is the sure path to “Oscar”.


Another shell from netflixes clips – the long-awaited new film by Martin Scorsese, a three-hour epic about the rise and fall of mobster Frank Sheeran.

Speaking about this film, all basically discuss (not)a good digital rejuvenation of the hero of Robert De Niro, but more attention deserves here the entourage: at IndieWire, for example, did an article about the work on the suits, a separate cupola in which is dedicated to the pajamas of the characters. Pajamas, as a manifestation of power – that’s about it from Scorsese to talk really interesting.

The whole “Irish” – about power and how it is absorbing, exciting and thins the soul. The Shakespearean overtones are then mixed with the Christian worldview of the film, as Scorsese here primarily interested in would be saved if his characters or not. The answer is negative: the architects of the machinery of violence, which, with all the romantic plaque is mafia, deserve punishment.

The most outstanding in the “Irishman” is the cast. Al Pacino in the role of master of the trade unions and the gray Eminence of election campaigns of Jimmy Hoffa, De Niro in the title role of the driver of trucks-turned killer, and Joe Pesci in a role worthy of an Oscar. The little demon that lives in the heart of the killing machine, skipping between gears, and in fact is oil, which this machine so long there.

Prospects: Despite its old-fashioned, to become suitable for the majority of members of the American Academy, the new Scorsese too cumbersome to get anything. Oscar for supporting actor will probably go to brad pitt, and in all key categories the winner will be toothless “1917”.


A favorite of critics, the winner of the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival-2019, a master class in juggling with genres from Korean Director Pont Chung Ho. A poor family living in the basement, decides to Scam and stay in the house of a wealthy family who live on the hill (the most straightforward social commentary), sitting to her Tutors, housekeeper and a driver.

“Parasites” is like a box of many secrets: while considering the contents of one office, another opens, turns the perception upside down. A moment ago we watched a Comedy about the scams, and now the tragedy of injustice and the desire to live anything like a human.

Pont Zhong Ho in this plan, go large, perhaps, of all the nominees: “Parasites” is the most boring movie of this awards season – almost a perfect rhythm. This popular films and with this movie with the author’s idea and message, which for some reason decided to expand the series on HBO.

Outlook: the Presence of “Parasites” in the category “Best international film” kill the game off, as last year she was killed “Roma”. But the main thing here – will film some of the awards in the remaining five categories – best film, direction, editing, original screenplay and the work of the art Director. The most probable scenario, though here it comes on the heels of Quentin Tarantino.

“Jojo Rabbit”

Satirical Comedy about a small impressionable boy Johannes (Jojo), a member of the Hitler youth who believes in the steadfastness of the German army and the Aryan race and much was upset, having learned that his grandfather was not blond. The war comes to an end, the camp, Nazi youth in the forest runs lost faith and right eyes of a tired captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell, as always, wonderful in the role of ambivalent villains). Little Jojo as initiation offer to kill a rabbit, he refuses, for which he receives an insulting nickname and tries to rehabilitate.

And Yes, he has an imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer neurotic, eating dinner stuffed with heads of unicorns and hates libraries (starring the Director himself secretly of Waititi).

“Jojo rabbit” around which was broken a lot of copies (many are outraged by the way the film tells about the tragedy of the Holocaust, for example, and the Second world war in General), attempt raising anti-war satire. The main thing here – the absurdity of the Nazi system, which has put guns in the hands of children, dressed in paper uniforms, cultivated murderous myths and killed millions of innocent people. Waititi combines physical Comedy with the tragedy, putting the viewer in an awkward position: how to laugh after the frames hung on the square? And if in the first the Director has succeeded: the ridiculing of the Nazi rituals for the German version of The Beatles song was a success, but a serious part of the manifested problems, found that at a certain stage “Jojo Rabbit” is simply boring. There is an uninteresting main character (very interesting minor – for example, mother performed by Scarlett Johannson), and it fails the film Waititi in the swamp in the middle between the perturbations and enthusiasm.

Outlook: All this does not prevent Waititi to win an Oscar for adapted screenplay (the film is based on the novel Caging Skies by Christine Lumens because of the same prize he was awarded the writers Guild. In the remaining five categories – the chances are slim.

“Two Popes”

Mental soft-propaganda of the Catholic Church – a portrait of two Popes, Benedict XVI (Anthony Hopkins) and Francis (Jonathan Pryce), at the stage of the first abdication from the throne in 2013.

Most of the film – theological and intimate conversations of two different in temperament and beliefs (Ratzinger is more conservative and closed, Bergoglio – more open to people and democratic), but still having to apologize to people. In them, the whole inconsistency of the Church, its teachings, and, most importantly, the people who preach this doctrine. Remembers me about the pedophile scandals (one scene in the film will cause serious criticism from the defenders of Benedict XVI), about the actions of Bergoglio during the military dictatorship in Argentina. Do not remember only that Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler youth and served in the German army during the Second world war. He was not a Nazi enthusiast, but Bergoglio, according to the evidence and his own confessions, was not a collaborator of the junta, so the default of this fact of the biography in a film that tries to dissect the human element of the Church, looks a bit weird.

Anyway, don’t be the “Two Popes” such a powerful acting Duo, the film would have taken its place in the grid some of the TV channels and was nominated for “Oscar” in three categories and the pride of Netflix, which spent a huge part of the budget in 40 million dollars in the construction of a replica of the Sistine chapel. For the Ukrainian industry, however, the “Two Dads” can serve as an inspiration: maybe someday will shoot the same film about the creation of ptsu and about the relationship Philaret to Metropolitan Epiphanius, whose recent speech on the anniversary of his enthronement was impressed, commensurate with the impressions that have been left from his speeches, Pope Francis.

Outlook: If the American film Academy decides not to award the “Oscar” of the second wild card, the next Joaquin Phoenix favorite in this category is Jonathan Pryce.

“Ford vs Ferrari” (“Outsiders”)

A new film by James Mangold, the master of films according to recipes, testosterone drama about an important time in the history of capitalism and America confrontation between Ford and Ferrari. After the recession of sales of cars Ford white-collar workers come up with a marketing ploy: the postwar generation got the money, they don’t want to buy old cars of their parents, and want something cool, racing with a Fleur victory.

So Ford attracted Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), and he calls Ken miles (Christian bale), a famous racing driver. Further history can be read in Wikipedia, and you can see in monumental in its duration the film Mangold, old-fashioned and beautiful monument to the wounded pride of the American Entrepreneur. In fact, on gasoline competition between Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari (and all because the second told the first that his “ugly little cars”) all in the movie and goes from conflict of heroes, to the really beautiful cars they produced.

Curiously, footage from this film do not convey almost nothing: as befits a film about racing, it really blooms in the dynamics, with brilliant camera work and the work of the art Director.

Prospects: the “Ford vs Ferrari” – four nominations, one of which is most unlikely, for the best film of the year. More likely to win nominations for the best work with sound.

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