Movies worth watching for every Ukrainian


    Films that should be seen by every Ukrainian

    September magazine published on Instagram a selection of films that every Ukrainian and Ukrainian should watch in order to feel their history and understand who we are.

    “About the nation, language, culture, people, ancestors. About the destruction by Russia, the arrival of the Bolsheviks, the Holodomor. About who we Ukrainians are. Always look critically, learn history and find out. Do not take everything on faith”, &mdash ; it says in the message.


    “Volin 2016”
    “Zakhar Berkut”
    “Mysteries of the Great Ukrainians”
    “Girki Zhiva”
    “The Nightingale Sleeps”
    “The Decline of the Nation”
    “The Leader”
    “The one who went through the fire”
    “Turning its history”
    “Treasures of the nation”
    “Black Raven” “
    “There will be people”
    “Another's prayer”
    “Zalіzna sotnya”
    “Thin forgotten ancestors”
    “Myth”< br />“To the right of Vasyl Stus”
    “Bad road”
    “Cossacks to go”
    “Stop bunker”
    “Gold of the Carpathians”
    “Battle near Sevastopol”


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