Moving scenes at the festival in Opole. Witold Paszta's daughters were unable to contain their emotions


Witol Paszta's daughters did not hide their emotions.

 Moving scenes at the festival in Opole. Witold Paszta's hands were unable to overcome their emotions

As the” Super Express “portal reminds us, Witold died in February this year Paszt, which for many was a huge shock. At the 59th National Song Festival in Opole, which started on Friday, it was decided to honor the artist's memory in a unique way. On the stage there were two characters of the leader of the VOX band, which were unable to contain their emotions.

In Opole, the memory of Witold Paszta was honored

On Friday, June 17th, a concert “From Opole to Opole: The Biggest Stars! Legendary Hits!” was held. During it, the memory of Witold Paszt, who passed away unexpectedly in February this year, was commemorated. First, Sławomir recalled the greatest hits of the VOX band. Then, on the Opole stage, Paszta's girls appeared.

Witold Paszt's women took the award, and during the speech they could hardly control their emotions – which is hardly surprising. They emphasized that although their dad is no longer physically with us, his songs and works still remain. They also added that they believed that their dad “will not be forgotten”.

Everyone hoped Witold Paszt would make it out of it

Witold Paszt died on February 18 this year, just a day after the anniversary of the death of his beloved wife. For a long time, the singer struggled with health problems. Covid-19 passed three times.

The disease prevented him from appearing in the final of “The Voice Senior”, which was won by Krzysztof Prusik, who belongs to his team. Everyone believed and hoped that the singer would also be able to win the disease this time. Unfortunately, it turned out otherwise.

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