MP Kevin Vuong pleads guilty in court martial


MP Kevin Vuong Pleads Guilty at Court Martial

Lieutenant 1st Class was charged with; failing to tell the military that he had been charged with sexual assault by a civilian authority.

Kevin Vuong in his navy uniform as he received a leadership award from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in 2017.

To Montreal reservist and Toronto MP Kevin Vuong pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a charge of failing to report to his army superiors that he was indicted in 2019 over allegations of a sexual nature.

With his plea, Navy Reservist Kevin Vuong is therefore guilty of failing to warn his employer that he was facing justice in civil society at subject of a 2019 sexual assault charge that was dropped after it came to light last fall.

Independent MP Kevin Vuong charged by the Canadian Navy

Sub-Lieutenant Vuong was fined $500.

Commander Walter Moniz – the serviceman responsible for the charge – told court that Kevin Vuong had warned the Canadian Armed Forces that he was facing justice an hour before the news broke in the press.

The Commander Moniz said Kevin Vuong definitely caught [him] off guard, as well as the upper chain of command.

Mr. Moniz added that he felt at the time that Kevin Vuong was embarrassed, but that Vuong thought the matter was closed as the charge had been dropped.


Canadian Navy Reserve Officer Kevin Vuong leaving court in Montreal.

Lieutenant Commander Paul Hong, who argued on behalf of Kevin Vuong, for his part called the latter an ambitious man and a workaholic, stating that his mother was sick.

Navy Captain Étienne Landry, who presided over the hearing, indicated that he had other much more severe measures within reach to punish him.

However, he took into account numerous mitigating factors such as the officer's young age, his remorse, the absence of a criminal record, his recent promotion in the navy and the possibilities of reintegration into the navy. x27;army and civil society.

In his statements to the court, Kevin Vuong explained that the prosecution had the effect of a bomb in [his] life and says he regrets not following military protocol regarding the 2019 charge.

He clarified that he knew he was innocent at the time and that civilian police never took his statement before charging him.

Kevin Vuong adds that he now wants to rebuild the trust of the public and his superiors, and that he also wants to remain in the Canadian military.

He stressed that he wanted to continue to serve [his] community in uniform and without a uniform.

MP Kevin Vuong at a summer 2021 campaign event in Toronto.

< p class="e-p">Former Liberal candidate Kevin Vuong won the riding of Spadina—Fort York in the last general election of 2021.

He then decided to sit as an independent member of the House of Commons.

The Liberal Party of Canada had expelled him from its ranks a few days before the election because of the same accusations of assault sexual assault that had been filed against him in 2019.

Mr. Vuong had also not disclosed to the Liberal Party that he had faced such charges.

With information from CBC.


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