MP Marie-Louise Tardif targeted by a criminal investigation

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MP Marie-Louise Tardif targeted by a criminal investigation

The deputy for Laviolette—Saint-Maurice, Marie-Louise Tardif, allegedly threatened a former employee.

The member for Laviolette—Saint-Maurice, Marie-Louise Tardif, who allegedly threatened an ex-employee in the middle of the courtroom last Friday, is the subject of a criminal investigation. The Sûreté du Québec has confirmed to Radio-Canada that its major crimes division has been seized of the file.

The facts allegedly took place last Friday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse, during a hearing before the Small Claims Division of the Court of Quebec. The member for Laviolette—Saint-Maurice was called to testify in the context of a lawsuit brought against her by one of her former employees, Marc Léopold Fortin. He claims $15,000 from him for dismissing him for reasons he considers unjustified.

Sylvie Guilbeau, who corroborated the complainant's allegations, was then questioned in the middle of the hearing room by the deputy who whispered: we will embark on your case. The remarks were quickly brought to the attention of the judge.

When the session was adjourned, the member and the witness continued to argue heatedly between themselves. It was then that the clerk intervened to remind Ms. Tardif that everything said in court is part of the public space.

The investigation has been entrusted to investigators from the Major Crimes Division because of the location of the alleged events and since they involve an elected official. The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) also confirms having called the MNA for a meeting.

Chief Government Whip, Éric Lefebvre, will meet Marie-Louise Tardif to hear her point of view. seen. We won't be commenting further until then, the whip's director of communications, Marc Danis, said in an email.

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