“Mr. Trudeau thinks he is better than Christian Dubé”, decries François Legault

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“Mr. Trudeau thinks he is better than Christian Dubé”, says François Legault

Premier François Legault criticizes Ottawa for not helping the provinces enough to fund their health care system.

Quebec Premier François Legault shot his counterpart an arrow federal government, Wednesday, saying that Justin Trudeau thought he was “better than Christian Dubé”, Quebec's Minister of Health, “in choosing how to spend the money” in this sector.

These comments by Mr. Legault come after the federal-provincial conference on health financing came to an abrupt end in Vancouver, leaving the parties further apart than ever.

Dors from an impromptu press in Quebec, Mr. Legault criticized Justin Trudeau for not understanding how much the provinces needed help in health matters. We have to look at how we can attract more nurses, how we can straighten out the health networks of the various provinces, argued the Premier of Quebec.

“I do not understand that Mr. Trudeau persists in the face of unanimity among the provinces and territories. »

— François Legault, Premier of Quebec

Ottawa sets conditions for the provinces to use and share common health indicators and that they agree on shared priorities, before increasing federal transfers which will soon reach $49 billion.

The provinces are calling on the federal government to increase its contribution to public health funding in the country from 22% to 35%. Moreover, for Quebec, it is out of the question to comply with conditions to obtain federal money.

Mr. Trudeau thinks he's better than Christian Dubé at choosing how to spend the money, mocked François Legault.

Christian Dubé, like BC Health Minister Adrian Dix, said he was disappointed after Tuesday's meeting in Vancouver.

On Tuesday evening, the federal government pulled out of a joint statement with provincial and territorial health ministers, ending meetings with no agreement reached for increase funding for health care.

On Tuesday, Justin Trudeau reiterated that it is important for Ottawa to have a health care system that works, with results.

Questioned as to whether federal transfers to the provinces should be increased at a time when the latter are reducing taxes, the Canadian Prime Minister retorted that there is no lack of money in the systems provincial since they are sending checks to the people who need them least or giving tax cuts to the wealthy.

Then, on Wednesday, Mr. Trudeau delivered: If a government is choosing to send checks to citizens rather than investing in the health care system, it is a choice. that we will have to justify to the citizens.

I can't believe it, retorted François Legault, whose government will soon send 6.5 million taxpayers a payment $400 to $600 – depending on their income – to deal with inflation.

I can't believe that Mr. Trudeau comes and says, “Mr. Legault should not help Quebecers cope with inflation,” he protested. Quebec is the place where we have the highest taxes. At some point, you have to be able to fully understand the issues and not fight pointless battles.

The Premier of Quebec criticizes Ottawa for funding only 22% of health spending of the provinces. Yet it [the federal government] receives more than 40% of taxes, notes François Legault.

This money that they are claiming from Ottawa, the provinces have already started to commit it to health, added Mr. Legault. We do this with the taxes we have, without much help from the federal government.

On Wednesday, the federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, repeated that the provincial premiers had torpedoed the agreement he was about to conclude, he said, with his health counterparts.

Mr. Duclos denounces what he calls cockfights at the level of prime ministers where we beat each other with percentage points and tax transfers. And Mr. Trudeau is doing everything he can to get out of those squabbles, he said.

For Mr. Duclos, it is important to ministers of Health to come to the aid of the personnel of the network. To nurses, for example, who wonder how long they will last in the system, how long they will endure what is happening.

The health system is not going in the right direction, says Mr. Duclos, for whom it is serious what is happening. And he cites the approximately 6 million Canadians without access to a family doctor, which contributes to the congestion of hospitals, the aging population or the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Sending tax or cash transfers to finance ministers is not my responsibility. »

— Jean-Yves Duclos, Federal Minister of Health

If it was enough to inject money, the situation would already be solved, according to him, since the provinces show surpluses, but the problem is one of system, he concludes.

British Columbia Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, accompanied by his counterparts from the provinces and territories, gives a press conference without federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos on the second and final day of a conference in Vancouver.

In the opinion of the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, it is Justin Trudeau who is to blame for the disappointing outcome of the Vancouver conference. Justin Trudeau likes bickering, he likes to divide people, according to Pierre Poilievre.

Mr. Poilievre assures that if he formed government, his goal would be to unite our country.

Federal New Democrats, meanwhile, blame Mr. Trudeau for refusing to meet with his provincial counterparts and territorial leaders to improve the country's health care system.

In a press release on Wednesday, the NDP critic in In terms of health, Don Davies, recalled that emergency rooms had to close due to lack of staff and resources. He also reminds us that the wait in the emergency room lasts for hours.

The Liberals were unable to reach an agreement with the provinces this week to secure the funding necessary to solve the this health care crisis, criticizes Mr. Davies.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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