Ms Marvel: Episode 1, successful mix between teen show and Marvel superheroes [REVIEW]

Ms Marvel: Episode 1, successful mix between teen show and Marvel superheroes [REVIEW]

This new mini-series broadcast on Disney+ is a hell of a good surprise! Even more after the semi-failure Moon Knight.

Kamala Khan is a high school student like the others. She listens to The Weeknd, loves the Avengers, has a YouTube channel where she posts videos about her favorite superheroes. In high school, it's not crazy-crazy.She's not the prom queen, nor the coolest or most popular girl. She is just Kamala. She tries to alternate her passion and her studies, while making her parents proud. Because yes, the family matters to her. It is the basis of his life. She was raised in an American family of Pakistani origin and Muslim faith. A religious and moral education that could not be stricter, which does not necessarily go with her admiration for superheroes. Kamala's life changes like that of any superheroine. A day like the others, at a time when she did not expect it. The discovery of a mysterious bracelet gives him superpowers like his idol Captain Marvel. Everything starts. And with great power comes great responsibility.

After the resounding flop of Moon Knight (despite some good points), we feared that Ms Marvel was also only a “small” series stamped Marvel strong>. One more generic production serving to monetize the fan service and add an additional piece to the already gigantic puzzle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, from the first minutes, we understand that Ms Marvel is of a different magnitude than Moon Knight. It is less serious entertainment, more colorful, a clever mix between the teen show in its most classic form and Marvel productions. Or how a teenager in her sneakers and passionate about superheroes becomes totally in spite of herself. This is one of the strong points of this first episode: putting the Marvel universe into abyss. Create a Marvel Universe within the MCU itself as an extension of superhero reality as Spider-Man: Far From Home after the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man and the events of Endgame. Superheroes do exist, they saved the Earth from the clutches of Thanos and give birth to vocations among the youngest.

Mise en abyme

< p>Thus, by following this mise en abyme of the importance of superheroes in the lives of characters on screen, the viewer can totally identify with Kamala. Even more, perhaps, in her naive and touching approach of a young girl like the others who aspires to want to be exceptional. The superpowers fall on the corner of her nose, propelling her to the front of the stage. Literally and figuratively since they appear at an Avengers convention in which she participates in a cosplay contest!She rocks (literally) on the other side of the barrier by becoming a superheroine, she who dreamed of it so much since she was a kid. If the initial stakes seem low, returning to a matrix and founding idea of ​​​​the superhero, the clash of cultures between his new life and his pious family life is promising. It is also the heart of the show. How to face one's life responsibilities, with regard to religion, family too, and the responsibilities inherent in a change of life. Finally, Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel is very close to Peter Parker/Spider-Man in its hyperrealistic approach to the teen superhero. Let's hope the series continues to evolve in this direction in the next episodes. Ms Marvel is broadcast on the Disney+ platform with a new episode every week. To be continued…, as they say!

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