Murder of Patricia Sirois in Saint-Raymond: a trial will take place in May

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Murder of Patricia Sirois in Saint-Raymond: a trial will take place in May

The murder took place in rue Marlène, in Saint-Raymond, in September 2021.

The trial of Martin Lévesque, an ex-soldier accused of the murder of Patricia Sirois in Portneuf in 2021, will begin in May.

Lévesque, 50, faces a second degree murder charge.

The victim, Patricia Sirois, was shot and killed while driving her car in Saint-Raymond.

The victim, Patricia Sirois

The 35-year-old woman and the accused lived in the same residential area, where the murder took place.

Martin Lévesque's trial could have started earlier, but his lawyer said he had difficulty finding a forensic psychiatrist to assess his client.

Me Pierre Gagnon assured Monday morning to the court that this expertise would be carried out before the end of February.

Me Pierre Gagnon is Martin Lévesque's lawyer.

Judge Francois Huot also deplored the delays experienced by the Pinel Institute.

It does not work very well, summarized the magistrate concerning the situation at the 'National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry.

There are a lot of things I would be tempted to say, but I will refrain from them, because I would fall into the political debate, dropped Judge Huot.

He wanted to reassure the family of the victim, who was in the room, by indicating that Lévesque's lawyer was not there. was for nothing.

It comes up against a system that is becoming stiff, noted the magistrate.

Martin's trial Lévesque will finally begin on May 1 and should last 5 weeks.

Me Matthieu Rochette represents the DPCP in the case.

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