Muscovites queued for hours to get into H&M stores


    Muscovites queued for hours to get into H&M stores

    The stores will remain open until they sell out the rest of the goods, after which they will close

    H&M stores opened in Moscow. And near them “kilometer” queues instantly lined up. The opening was supposed to take place the day before, but the visitors who gathered at the closed boutiques waited in vain, writes TASS.

    The points of the network have been launched in the shopping centers “Aviapark” and “Metropolis”. The price of clothes, as reported on social networks, has increased, and all discounts have been removed in stores, and besides, you can’t buy household goods, but this didn’t stop the Russians, they were ready to stand at the door for hours to buy H&M outfits, which, apparently, they will soon become a shortage.

    Muscovites queued for hours to get into H&M stores

    Local journalists report that on average people spend about an hour in line. Buyers come immediately for a large number of clothes. So, one woman left the store with 50 items.

    Probably, then they will appear in resale on online platforms, as has already happened with IKEA goods.

    Customers can purchase spring and summer collection. The company said that the exact dates for the opening of stores in the regions and Moscow are still not known. Representatives of H&M noted that they did not resume the work of all outlets at the same time in order to avoid a rush.

    H&M suspended all sales in Russia in early March after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. On July 18, it became known that the Swedish chain will completely stop its activities in the Russian market.

    Now the Swedish company H&M Group is looking for a buyer for business in the Russian Federation. The assets for sale include a portfolio of leasehold rights for about 170 stores in 65 Russian cities, a 57,700-square-meter distribution center and 30 weeks of stock worth an estimated $210 million.


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