Music Festival 2023: dates and 2022 recap

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“Music Festival 2023: dates and 2022 recap”

Music Festival 2023: the dates and the 2022 recap

MUSIC FESTIVAL. Like every year, in France, the Music Festival is celebrated on the first day of summer.

Like every year, the 2022 Music Festival will take place on June 21, the first day of summer. In 2023, the event will therefore take place on a Wednesday evening. A date that has not been chosen at random, since it corresponds to the summer solstice, the first day of the summer season, the end of spring, but also the longest day of the year. e. It's a great way to celebrate the music, the arrival of good weather and to start the season of summer parties  !

The Music Festival 2022

The return of popular fervor to the streets of France. Tuesday, June 21, 2022, to celebrate the forty years of the Music Festival, hundreds of towns and villages vibrated. to the rhythms of rock, samba, rap or electro. At the Elysée, which welcomed different artists like every year, Emmanuel Macron welcomed the "tremendous success" of the Music Festival, initiated in 1982 by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture.

In Paris, as in Montpellier, Lille, Toulouse, Marseille, Rennes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg, as in hundreds of other cities, millions of French people have been able to enjoy the return of lightness. of this first day of summer. In Nantes, several dozen people gathered at the end of the day to pay homage to; Steve Maïa Caniço, drowned in 2019 during a controversial police operation during the Fête de la Musique.

Despite the capricious weather in certain cities, such as Rennes, the festivities lasted until the end of the year. until late at night. All to celebrate music, in all its forms, during a popular event, free and open to all. all.

Who invented Music Festival?

It was in 1981 that Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, initiated the creation of an event bringing music to life. honor. He instructed Maurice Fleuret, director of music and dance, to create this immense popular event, which would be organized each year, on the day of the solstice of August. summer, everywhere in France. The first Music Festival took place on June 21, 1982: it was a success. Thousands of events were born in the four corners of the country, bringing together fans of music and the artists, for a gigantic popular celebration.

Music Festival 2023: dates and recap 2022

The first poster for the Music Festival in 1982 © Ministry of Culture

"We needed an event that would allow us to measure the place occupied by music in life individual and collective. A spectacular movement of awareness, a spontaneous momentum; to alert public opinion and perhaps also… the political class. This is why the Ministry of Culture had the idea of ​​organizing a Music Festival in 1982. A non-directive party, which brings together all French people. ;ais for whom music matters. Celebrate! Make music !", underlined in 1983 Maurice Fleuret in Télérama.

Also, very quickly, the Music Festival, which seized ; of France and the French people, goes beyond borders: since 2017, more than 120 countries have been counted; celebrate music on the same day.

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