Musical Revolutionary: Morgenstern Goes to US Concerts


Morgenstern, one of the most successful rap artists in the post-Soviet space, the main character of numerous top charts, is heading to the USA with a concert tour.

Musical Revolutionary: Morgenstern Goes to USA

Photo: Morgenshtern press -office


The artist will perform in the following American cities:

  • November 30 – New York;
  • December 1 – Los Angeles;
  • December 4 – San Francisco;
  • December 6 – Seattle;
  • December 8 – Denver;
  • December 11 – Miami.

His album “Legendary Dust”, written in 2020, has already collected more than 94 million plays. And his YouTube channel has nearly 10 million fans.

Music Revolutionary: Morgenstern is going with concerts in the USA

Photo: Morgenshtern press-office

Each clip is tens of millions of views, each track is the first top chart places, every concert is sold out. The video for the song “Cadillac” was viewed over 108 million times, “The New Gelding” – 94 million.

The American press also speaks positively about the artist. The Rolling Stones described his latest release as “revolutionary”, while Forbes called the rapper a “fucking genius”.

And now Morgenstern is coming to your city! Are you ready?!


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