Musicians Bono,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki recorded a song in support of those who are quarantined

Музыканты Боно,, Дженнифер Хадсон и Yoshiki записали песню в поддержку тех, кто находится на карантине

The leader of the group U2, Bono has previously released a song in support of the Italians, and now with the rapper, singer Jennifer Hudson and Japanese musician Yoshiki recorded the song Sing for Life (#SING4LIFE).

The single was published on YouTube channel in support of those who are quarantined.

“This song was created to bring joy. In such times creative people must continue to cooperate. Whether you’re a computer genius, engineer, therapist or teacher, sitting in quarantine, doesn’t mean you are alone. The beauty of international relations that on the Internet no one is alone,” reads the description under the video.

In the video were used videos where people sing on rooftops and balconies.

As previously reported, MOZGI released the single warning No Hugs No Kisses.

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