Musk, on the purchase of Twitter: “I do it for the future of civilization”

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Musk, on buying Twitter:

Tycoon Elon Muskconfirmed this Thursday that he buys the social network Twitter and said that he is doing it “for the future of civilization”, when there were little more than 24 hours left for it to expire the term that a judge had given him to open a process if the acquisition was not formalized.

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX issued by the social network itself a message addressed “to the advertisers” of Twitter in which he wanted to explain the reasons that lead him to buy the network and cites in the first place that “it is important for the future of civilization to have a common digital square where a wide spectrum of beliefs can be debated in a healthy way. a relevant place in the network from now on.

When Musk's message became known, Twitter shares were revalued by 1.16% in the first bars of the session on the stock market New York.

Musk acknowledges in his message that social networks run the risk of increasing the polarization of public opinion between the extreme right and the extreme left, somewhat into which the traditional media have also fallen, and he wants to help overcome this risk “to help Humanity that I love”, and “not to make money”, points out the older man. rich in the world.

The tycoon says that according to his vision Twitterr “cannot become a hell free for all, where anything can be said without consequences”, but must “respect the laws”.< /p>

The platform must become -he continues- “a warm and welcoming place for everyone, where everyone can choose their desired experience according to their preferences”, and compares it with the experience of watch movies or play video games depending on the age of each person.

Regarding advertising on Twitter, he says that the ads, “if well understood can entertain, please and inform” the user, explaining, for example, that there is a new medical treatment.

“Fundamentally -it concludes in its message to advertisers- Twitter aspires to become the The world's most respected advertising platform that will strengthen your brands and grow your business. Let's do something extraordinary together.”