My Neighbor Totoro: Studio Ghibli wants to protect the forest that inspired its masterpiece


My Neighbor Totoro: Studio Ghibli wants to protect the forest that inspired its leader- work

My Neighbor Totoro found his inspiration in a forest northwest of Tokyo. Studio Ghibli has decided to help protect it. We tell you.

My Neighbor Totoro remains an iconic cartoon from Studio Ghibli. The immense Hayao Miazaki, director, has always infused his works with a naturalistic sensibility, even strong environmentalist. In Nausicaä of the Valley of the Windor Princess Monoké, the commitment to environmental protection is at the heart of the plot. The place of nature in My Neighbor Totoro is essential, almost like a character. Hayao Miazaki had also revealed that he had found his inspiration for My Neighbor Totoroin a small forest in Tokorozawa commune, northwest of Tokyo. Today, this forest could well become a reserve and the Ghibli studio intends to contribute to it.

My Neighbor Totoro is famous all over the world. In Japan, it's even more than that. A quick look on Google Map around Tokorozawa reveals that several places are named “Totoro Forest”. This is where Hayao Miazaki drew elements that he put in My Neighbor Totoro. This large forest plot of 3.5 hectares is a veritable natural setting within the Tokyo megalopolis. The mayor of the city said he was ready to acquire the land in order to create a nature reserve. This would help protect the site's biodiversity and the story that links it to My Neighbor Totoro.

My Neighbor Totoro will help protect the forest that inspired him h2>

My Neighbor Totoro should be able to contribute to the Crowdfunding campaign launched to help acquire this forest ($20 million). Indeed, the Ghibli studio will provide five original drawings taken from the sets of My Neighbor Totoro. These coins will release limited prints sold for 25,000 yen, directly added to fundraising. The Ghibli studio is also ready to contribute with other drawings to motivate donations. The initiative shows how consistent Hayao Miazaki remains and how the success of a work like My Neighbor Totoro can have a real positive impact on the nature that inspired it!