“My path consisted of system calls to myself.” Yuriy Kruchin, No. 1 nail master in Ukraine, on how nails can change lives

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Yuri Kruchin is a coach, trainer in emotional and spiritual intelligence, a specialist in constellations and work with the subconscious. In early childhood, the death of a loved one led him to search for the meaning of life. This prompted in him a desire to study the hidden laws of the subconscious, the power of thought, the principles of the Universe, the development of emotional intelligence and system constellations.

To this day, Yuri studies almost every day and invests a lot in his self-education. Today he talks about his journey and how to use nailing for his spiritual growth.

How nailing came into my life

Why does this happen in life? This is the first question that woke me up after my mother died. I began to look for answers in astrology, psychology and esotericism. He studied with the best masters in the world, many of which are ours! Then I climbed my first peak – Mont Blanc. After it, within a week, I solved the issue that I could not solve for a year. Then I understood the power of conscious growth and getting out of my comfort zone.

I eagerly searched for the fastest transformations, ran marathons, overcame one of the most difficult competitions in the world of IRONMAN. Then he climbed the mountains again: Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Kazbek and Ararat. Space constantly led me through the signs, and so the nails came to me. I started getting on them every day and began to notice how a lot of things are changing for the better in different areas of my life. And then he began to shout about it to others. So I created the largest ceremonies in Ukraine. I have multiplied the Sadhu board in our country, put more than 1,000 people on nails, and now I have organized specialized training not only for those who want to stand up on their own, but also for those who are ready to carry this ideology into the world and become a guide for others.< /p>

“No matter how hard it is now, one day you will look back and understand how this period changed your life for the better”

The war caught me in another country, and here I got acquainted with the most ancient and dangerous Tibetan technique – the dark retreat. I went for 7 days on dates with myself in total darkness and silence, to meet with all my fears and demons. It was not easy, but the reward for me was the discovery of my inner master.

Now the world is changing the old era. It's always stressful for people as old attachments die inside. The first impulse was a virus, the second – war. Most of us feel hopelessness, loss of orientation, supports in all areas fly off. This is normal, because the new birth is what happens. You need to live through this stage, but just live it, and not slam into it.

The most important thing is to find the lever that will help you not get stuck, switch and hear your inner voice. For me, this leverage is nailing.

When we get on the board, we automatically take ourselves out of our usual comfort zone, our potential expands. Accordingly, our amount of energy that we are ready to accept also expands, and the amount of energy is the realization of our desires: these are our financial goals, relationships, self-realization, health.

But I note that our consciousness will not be allowed on the board if we do not understand why we should do this. Therefore, it is very important to form a request-intention. As a rule, this is what is missing in life to make you happier.

“Nothing is ever gone until it teaches us what is important for us to know”< /p>

Nailing is an ancient practice of meditation, relaxation and self-discovery, strengthening the spirit and energizing the body, which originates from ancient India. In today's world, amid a crazy rhythm, stress and tension, this practice is a proven and effective method of improving both the psycho-emotional and physical condition.

Nailing is completely safe due to the fact that the nails are at the same distance from each other and at the same height. When we stand on them, then all organ systems are very strongly rebooted. Any unlived and suppressed emotion does not go anywhere, it gets stuck in us until we realize it and live it. I am sure that it is better to let it go and work it through the nails than to constantly attract unconscious stress later in life.

In dark times, bright people are clearly visible!

My path consisted of system calls to myself. Years of training, sometimes I did not fully understand why, but simply followed the response of the soul. And one day everything started to fit into a single puzzle.

Today's time requires the awakening of more and more conductors, otherwise wars will be repeated every generation, because they are a projection of our inner worlds.

I could continue to hold the most massive nail-giving ceremonies in Ukraine, but I will give much more value if I pass it on to those who are ready for it. Because the more people will be on the nails, the faster and more stable the world will be, no matter how strange it may seem. After all, this world, first of all, is born in the DNA of each person individually.

To become a guide or a master, only desire and actions are important. At the moment of taking responsibility, the conductor becomes very beneficial to this world, the space begins to guide and encourage it. I know for myself for 10 years of the journey.

If this topic resonates with you, I invite you to an exciting journey of conscious life: subscribe to my Instagram and Telegram channel. to renew and expand your financial flow or to find harmonious relationships (strengthen existing ones).

Write the word “Focus” on Instagram, get meditation, find inner harmony and increase your emotional intelligence.

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